Would You Buy a Pair of $399 Trump Sneakers?

“At a sneaker conference in Philadelphia over the weekend, former president Donald Trump unveiled his latest pitch — and it wasn’t a stump speech.

The businessman-turned-politician debuted a new line of gleaming, golden sneakers called Never Surrender High-Tops, which sell online for $399 a pair.”


The sneakerheads subculture is primarily a black thang. The phenomenon has its roots in the NBA and hip-hop culture.

Sneakerheads don’t typically wear their Jordans or Yeezys worth hundreds or thousands of bucks, to preserve their resale value. But on occasion they will don even their most expensive pair of sneakers, and you are likely to end up dead if you accidentally step on them.

You might expect a DJ Khaled, who reportedly has 10,000 pairs of sneakers in his collection, or a Chris Paul or a Lebron James at a Sneaker Con convention peddling their newest line of sneakers.

The last celebrity I expected to see hawking sneakers at a Sneaker Con convention was the noted racist Donald Trump who has nothing but disdain for black culture.

Maybe an Uncle Tom the likes of Sen. Tim Scott might buy a pair of Trump golden sneakers to please his master, but the average guy in the hood wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of Trump sneakers.

And I can’t see the average MAGA head buying a pair of $399 Trump sneakers even if they feature an American flag on the back and a capital T for Trump on the side.

Trump sneakers are destined to be just another failed Trump-branded product, like Trump steak and Trump bottled water.