Trump: ‘If You’re Sick as a Dog, Even if You Vote and Die, It’s Worth It’

Donald Trump demands unquestioned loyalty and total devotion from his supporters. He doesn’t care that the temperature on caucus night may drop to -45 degrees, he expects his devotees to cast their ballot with their frostbitten fingers.

“You can’t sit home. If you’re sick as a dog… even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it,” Trump told supporters while at a rally in Iowa on Sunday, January 14.

Trump may have been half-joking but his followers will don their long johns, winter coats and risk hypothermia to caucus for their Orange Messiah.

If MAGA idiots froze to death on their way to caucus, they would die with a smile on their faces counting it a privilege and a blessing to die as a martyr for their Savior.

On caucus night Trump will get a kick out of watching his groupies brave the elements to vote for him, while he sips hot chocolate and watches election coverage in Mar-a-Lago.

The supporters of the other Republican presidential candidates aren’t as dedicated, and many of them will choose to stay in their warm homes. After all, they consider Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley mere politicians and not God’s anointed leader who will lead them to the Promised Land of a Christian theocracy.

Trump is destined to win the Iowa caucuses and the Republican presidential nomination thanks to his legions of sycophants, cultists and fluffers.

Our democracy’s only hope is that in the general election, Trump voters will be no match for the majority of Americans who haven’t swallowed the Kool-Aid.