Trump Once Again Beefing with Adam Schiff

Since the birth of hip-hop, beefs have been a part of the culture, and no rapper worth his salt will refrain from dissing his rivals on record on social media or in interviews.

Donald Trump has more beefs with celebrities, reporters and politicians than anyone in the political or hip-hop realms.

Since Trump never forgives and never forgets his beefs never end, any simmering beef with a longtime adversary can come to a boil for any perceived insult.

The war between Adam (Pencil Neck) Schiff and Donald (Grifter) Trump is once again in full blast.   

Schiff earned Trump’s lifetime enmity by leading the House’s 2020 impeachment, arguing that Trump had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election, and then obstructed the inquiry itself by ordering his aides to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony.

Trump challenged Schiff’s allegations with his trademark intelligence, nuanced arguments and eloquence. Just kidding. Trump fought back by calling Schiff a fraud, a pencil neck and a slimeball. And as Trump is wont to do, he christened Schiff with a new moniker, “Shifty Shiff.”

Now that Schiff is running for the Senate in California, Trump is once again taunting him with his juvenile insults. In a recent post on his Truth Social media platform, Trump claimed that Schiff is one of the true lowlifes in the history of politics in America.”

Trump is the one who is the most corrupt, ignorant and venial lowlife in the history of politics in America. It’s in Schiff’s interests to simply ignore Trump’s childish social media posts. He doesn’t need to beef with Trump to fire up his campaign.