Republicans Pretend to Love Trump’s Ass, Nobody Pretends to Love His Mind

In the impeaching hearings the Democrats’ lawyer, Daniel Goldman, asked Ambassador Gordon Sondland if he recalled telling President Donald Trump that the Ukrainian leader “loves your ass” during a July 26 call at a restaurant in Kiev.

Sondland, who isn’t a career diplomat with a penchant for using diplomatic language, conceded that he could have said that because it sounds like something I would say.

The billionaire who bought his ambassadorship by donating a cool million to Trump’s inauguration said “that’s how President Trump and I communicate. A lot of four-letter words. In this case, three letters.”

He explained that he was putting it in “Trump-speak.” I can imagine how frustrating it must be for anyone who interacts with Trump daily, he must dumb down his vocabulary and spice up his conversation with expletives.

I doubt that Zelensky or anybody else in the world loves Trump’s wrinkled orange ass, but there are many who at least pretend to like him.

But there isn’t a single person in the world who’s claimed to love Trump’s head or his intellect. However, there are many politicians with brown noses, a testament to how much they love Trump’s ass.

I don’t love Trump’s ass, in fact I hate his racist and vulgar ass, and I’m going to kick his ass to the curb come election time.

Mike Pence Desperately Tries to Distance Himself From Donald Trump

A footman servant was never too far behind his Lord and Maser, he had to be close by to serve meals and open and close doors, in short, he had to be at his Lord’s beck and call.

Mike Pence is always by his boss’s side, gazing lovingly at him while he spews nonsense. Pence’s brown nose is testament to how close he is figurately and literally to Trump’s fat ass.

Even though Trump and Pence are joined at the hip, the vice president is desperately trying to keep his distance from Trump’s intensifying Ukraine scandal. Those efforts are going particularly well, Trump deliberately enmeshed his second-in-command in his campaign to exert pressure on the leader of Ukraine. If Trump goes down, so will Pence, Barr, Mulvaney, Pompeo and all the other spineless cowards who are covering up for him.

When the shit hit the fan and the news of the Zelensky call broke, Trump told reporters:

“I think you should ask for VP Pence’s conversation, because he had a couple of conversations also.”

Trump rewarded Pence for his obsequiousness by throwing him under the bus.

NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard asked Pence several times if he was aware the Trump administration was delaying aid to Ukraine to pressure Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelensky to go after Biden. A simple “yes” or “no” would have sufficed, but Pence filibustered and otherwise avoided answering the question.

Nothing illustrates Pence’s futile attempt to distance himself from Trump’s Ukraine scandal that his exchange with Hillyard.

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