Trump and His Evangelical Supporters Will Meet the Same Fate as Jerry Falwell Jr.


In 2016 Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr., the son of the late televangelist, shocked the evangelical world by endorsing serial philanderer and pathological liar Donald Trump for president of the United States.  

The blessing by one of the white evangelical community’s biggest names just days before the Iowa caucuses turbo-charged Trump’s campaign, and by election day most evangelical leaders had fallen in line and endorsed him.

On August 2020 Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned in disgrace from Liberty University after a series of embarrassing personal scandals that would have made even Trump blush.

How could almost 90 percent of evangelicals and most of their leaders endorse a sociopath whose words and deeds are the antitheses of their professed religious beliefs?

The simple truth is that the words and deeds of evangelicals are the antitheses of the teaching of Jesus Christ, they are just as racist, venial, vindictive and downright evil as their Orange Messiah.

Giancarlo Granda, a Miami pool boy, had a seven-year affair with Falwell’s wife, Becki, sometimes with Falwell looking on and masturbating during their sexual encounters.

Evangelicals look on and masturbate while Trump owns the libs, destroys our democracy and tries to establish a Christian White Nationalist theocracy.

Before all is said and done, democracy will prevail and Trump and his white evangelical supporters will be brought down just like Jerry Falwell Jr.