Donald Trump the Elmer Gantry of Politics

Donald Trump is the Elmer Gantry of politics, only he isn`t hawking Jesus, he`s selling himself. Trump brags about his wealth, influence and power, and he behaves as if he isn`t subject to the rule of law, Republican heterodoxy or social mores.

Trump is an out-of-control narcissist who should be anathema to evangelicals, but miraculously he`s venerated as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Elmer Gantry as portrayed by Burt Lancaster was Bible literate, and he knew just the right verses to loosen the purse strings of the hillbillies who attended his revival meetings.

Trump, on the other hand, isn`t well-versed in scripture, he probably uses his family Bible only to stash his copy of Penthouse in Two Corinthians. Trump mesmerizes his white evangelical base not by quoting scripture, but by appealing to their Biblically based enmity of gays and lesbians and powerful women. The more Trump rails against immigrants and feminists the more his white evangelical sycophants froth in religious fervor.

Trump makes wild and outlandish promises that even a snake oil salesman like Gantry would be too timid to utter, and he gets away with it. “I will build a beautiful 30-foot concrete wall from sea to sea and Mexico will pay for it!” Two years later and Trump`s vision of a grand wall that would be as imposing as the Great Wall of China has shrunk to a steel barrier that will be built on some critical sections of the border, and will be funded by taxpayers. And his deluded supporters sill chant “Promises Made, Promises Kept” at his campaign rallies.

Trump`s followers aren`t bothered by Trump`s ignorance, vindictiveness, crassness or impulsiveness, they are enthralled by his outrageous behavior. The more outrageous his rhetoric and behavior, the more they are convinced that he was anointed by God to Make America Great Again.

The movie Elmer Gantry ends with his church building destroyed by an accidentally caused fire, and congregants running away in panic. If only the Almighty would demonstrate his displeasure with the vulgar and racist Trump and his heretical white evangelical followers by unleashing a tornado on a Trump rally.

Joe Biden: Donald Trump’s Supporters are ‘Dregs of Society’

“Speaking to guests at the Human Rights Campaign dinner on Saturday night, Biden accused President Donald Trump of using the White House as a literal bully pulpit and of being an ally to forces of intolerance.

`Forces of intolerance remain determined to undermine and roll back the progress you have made,` the former vice president warned his audience.

`This time they-not you-have an ally in the White House,` he said.

`They`re a small percentage of the American people, virulent people. Some of them, the dregs of society,` Biden said.”


In September 2016, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was roundly criticized for making the following astute observation:

You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump`s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic-you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.

Clinton was spot on when she opined that you could put half of Trump`s supporters into a basket of racist, sexist, homophobic deplorables, and I would add that you could put the other half into a basket of fucking morons.

After almost two years of Trump`s chaotic and racist rule, his base, roughly 36% of the population, is still strongly behind him.

At this point in time to call Trump`s supporters a basket of deplorables almost sounds like a term of endearment. Joe Biden is spot on, some of them (I would say most of them) are the dregs of society. Screw Trump`s white evangelical supporters who worship an execrable abomination who is is the antithesis of everything that Jesus preached. Screw Trump`s racist supporters who demonize immigrants, and seek to make America white again. Screw Trump`s redneck supporters who want to see women, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen fixing apple pie and fried chicken.

Screw these dregs of society, who are nothing but a speed bump in history as our democracy races to a multi-culture future.

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Mike Pence Evangelical From Hell Will Turn America into a Theocracy

When Indiana Gov. Mike Pence accepted the Republican vice presidential nomination, he declared:

“I`m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.”

Since then he has repeated this refrain in interviews and speeches, he has warned us what kind of a president he will be, in the not unlikely event he succeeds Donald Trump prior to 2020.

Most Americans identify as “Christian,” but very few fit Pence`s definition of a Christian. Pence is an evangelical Christian, who doesn`t believe in evolution, women`s rights, human rights or science.

A person can be defined by what he hates: Martin Luther King, Jr hated racial discrimination and social injustice, Mother Teresa hated poverty and human suffering, and Pence hates gays and lesbians, science and educated women.

If Pence becomes president that doesn`t mean that his brand of Christianity will compel him to fight poverty, and seek racial harmony, his interpretation of Christianity will drive him to disenfranchise gays and lesbians, and turn back the clock on women`s rights.

Pence`s faith can`t abide abortion or homosexuality, but it will turn a blind eye to a corrupt and moral degenerate president as long as he continues to appoint far-right judges to the Supreme Court.

Pence is a Christian and a conservative, but he`s not a John McCain type conservative who believes in bipartisanship, and putting the good of the country above party. He`s a Freedom Caucus, Tea Party type conservative, who is willing to let the country go to hell in a handbasket for the sake of ideological purity.

Lastly, Pence is a Republican because that`s the only major party that welcomes Pharisees and scantimonious jerks.

Pence is Vice President because of the support of Paul Manafort, and he`s as complicit as Trump in the Russian collusion scandal, and we must impeach Trump and Pence.

My worst nightmare is Mike Pence being sworn in as president after Trump`s impeachment and declaring: I`m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order

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When the Rapture Comes Donald Trump and White Evangelicals Will be Left Behind

“Days after the news broke that President Donald Trump`s former lawyer Michael Cohen had audio of Trump discussing a payoff to a woman with whom he`d allegedly had an affair, one of Trump`s top evangelical allies came to the president`s defense – with an insult to former President Ronald Reagan. Robert Jeffress, the pastor at the megachurch First Baptist Dallas, told Fox News`s Ed Henry that Trump`s adultery made him no worse than Reagan.

`The reason we supported President Reagan was not because we were supporting womanizing or divorce,` Jeffress told Henry. `We supported his policies. … We`re not under any illusion that we were voting for an altar boy when we voted for President Trump. We knew about his past. And by the way, none of us has a perfect past. We voted for him because of his policies.` (Reagan has never been publicly accused of being unfaithful to his second wife Nancy Reagan, but some biographers have said that he was something of a lothario in Hollywood during his years an actor and that he cheated on his first wife, Jane Wyman.”


If Michael Cohen had an audiotape of a porn star faking an orgasm while Trump was diddling her with his puny presidential pecker, it wouldn`t make any difference to white evangelicals, they would still treat him like the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

If the Stormy Daniels` scandal didn`t dent Trump`s approval ratings with white evangelicals, no bimbo eruption is going to slow down the Trump train.

Is anyone surprised that Robert Jeffress, a member of Trump`s evangelical advisory council, came to the defense of the pussy grabber? Jeffress is Trump`s unofficial fluffer, he`s an expert at fluffing the orange buffoon`s ego, and I`m quite sure he would also gladly serve as a fluffer in the porn flick definition of the word.

Jeffress defended Trump by insulting the beloved conservative icon, Ronald Reagan. I`m convinced that if Trump`s narcissism got the best of him and he tweeted that he was more popular than Jesus Christ that Jeffress and his fellow white evangelical scum would agree, arguing that Jesus Christ`s social media presence is negligible.

When Jesus returns for His Church, Trump and white evangelical leaders will be left behind enjoying a circle jerk.

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Donald Trump is the Favorite President of Nazis, Racists and White Evangelical Scum

“When asked to name the greatest president of their lifetimes, more Americans named Barack Obama than any other president in a recent Pew Research Center poll.

Thirty-one percent named Obama the best, while another 13 percent named him second best.”

New Jersey 101.5

“Twitter users pounced on President Donald Trump early Saturday after he boasted about being `your favorite President.`

Trump attempted to dismiss a Friday report in the New York Times that his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen had before the 2016 election secretly taped him discussing a payment to former Playboy model Karen McDougal (with whom Trump is alleged to have had an affair) with the following tweet:

Inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer`s office (early in the morning) – almost unheard of. Even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape a client – totally unheard of & perhaps illegal. The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!”

Huffington Post

This is that rare Trump tweet that isn`t total bullshit, the orange clown is correct when he says that our favorite president has done nothing wrong.

Of course Trump has done virtually nothing right and everything wrong since assuming the presidency, and historians will conclude that he`s the worst president in history.

President Obama is living rent-free in Trump`s brain, and given that his noggin is virtually empty, the former president has plenty of room and may never leave.

From the Iran deal to TPP to climate change to Obamacare, Trump is singularly focused on destroying his predecessor`s legacy.

The Pew Research Center presidential popularity poll was released a few days ago, and it was on Trump`s mind when he tweeted that he was America`s favorite president.

Trump needs to wake up and smell the coffee, most Americans hate him and they have made #Notmypresident one of the most popular hashtags of the last couple of years.

Trump is the favorite president of Nazis, racists and white evangelical scum, but mainstream America considers him an abomination.

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