Why Is There a Gideon Bible in Every Hotel Room?

When people check into the “hotel, motel, Holiday Inn” they test the free Wi-Fi, review the premium channels, stash their valuables in the room safe, and then open the drawers to see if a previous guest left behind a watch or jewelry, only to find a Gideon’s Bible.

It is incongruous to find a Bible in a motel room, a lodging house is not a rectory, and for every minister or nun who checks into a motel room, there are a thousand libertines, and the last thing they need is a Bible.

It does not take a rocket scientist or a concierge to read the room and to deduce that Holy Scriptures are the last thing on the mind of lovers checking into a hotel or motel room. Might I suggest a copy of the Kuma Sutra might be more appropriate? Or a condom or a pamphlet explaining safe sex practices?

I have never checked into a motor inn and discovered a well-worn Bible, most guest do not open the Good Book, they do not read a single verse. An immense waste of money, why not just leave a religious tract with the address and phone number of a local church, for the convenience of the married guests who feel guilty after engaging in a tryst with a stranger?

The Concept of ‘The Biblical View’ is Absurd


Evangelicals demand that everyone, regardless of their respective religions, subscribe to the biblical view on hot button cultural issues like abortion, homosexuality and marriage.

The concept of the “biblical view” is theologically absurd, the Bible was written by about 40 authors over centuries in many places to many different audiences.

Not to mention that there are myriad English translations of the Bible that differ widely in their interpretation of the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts.  

If there was such a thing as “the biblical view” there wouldn’t be over 100,000 Christian denominations in the world. You can quote chapter and verse to justify opposing views on every important Christian doctrine.

The Bible is silent on the controversial issue of abortion, and there are only a handful of verses in the entire Bible on the subject of homosexuality.

Evangelicals justify their vehement opposition to abortion by saying, “Abortion is murder, the Bible says it, I believe it and that settles it”, but that’s patently untrue. The Bible doesn’t say jack about abortion, and regardless what evangelicals believe their scriptures teach about abortion, it settles nothing.

Evangelicals are free to hold their medieval interpretation of the Bible, but when engaging with the culture at large they should be cognizant that their views are anathema to most Christians and non-Christians alike.

So, the next time an evangelical tells you that you should adhere to the biblical view of same-sex marriage or abortion, let them know how ridiculous their assertion sounds.

Latest Grift by Donald Trump Jr: Peddling ‘We the People’ Edition of the Bible

Donald Trump Jr

The Bible that Donald Trump held upside down at his infamous St. John’s Church photo-op was auctioned for over $35,00. It was signed by the sociopath, thereby increasing its value for deviants who collect personal items of serial killers and dictators.

Donald Trump Jr. is now trying to out grift his notorious father, he’s hawking Bibles on social media. In a video he’s promoting a “We the People” Bible, he claims that the Bible written by the ancient Israelites defends America’s Judeo-Christian values. Yeah, fucken right.

The King James Version of the Bible also includes copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Pledge of Allegiance. The Bible is being sold for $69.99.

This is wrong on so many levels:

In the first place you don’t have to pay $69 for a Bible, you can easily get one for free. There are many Christian organizations that will gladly give you one, in fact it’s their mission to give away free Bibles to as many people as possible.

In the second place, a cokehead who’s never demonstrated any religious inclinations is not a very credible Bible salesman.

Thirdly, this audacious peddling of the Good Book is a sign of desperation by the Trump crime family. They realize that the handwriting is on the wall and their time will soon be up, and they want to grift every last dollar from their gullible followers.

Finally, this is an example of the politicization of evangelical Christianity. An America First, “We the People” edition of the Bible. Holy fuck! This is blasphemy and grifting on a scale that would embarrass even televangelists.


The Bible as Oklahoma’s ‘Official State Book’ is an Abomination

“A legislative proposal to anoint the Bible as Oklahoma’s “official state book” is not only unconstitutional, it is also an affront to true religious freedom.

House Bill 3890, introduced by Rep. Tammy Townley, has been given the OK by a House committee. If the bill receives legislative approval, the Bible would be designated the state’s official book from Nov. 1 of this year.”

The Oklahoman

I have no problem if a Christian denomination designates the Bible as their official book, but for a state of a secular democracy to anoint it as their “official state book” is anathema.

We must protect the sacred principle of separation of church and state to safeguard our democracy from Christian nationalists who seek to make it a theocracy.

These same religious fanatics who are in favor of making the Bible the official book of Oklahoma would have a cow if the Koran or the Satanic Bible became their state’s official book.

A holy book that condones and even regulates slavery, relegates women to a secondary status, and promotes genocide doesn’t deserve to be exalted by any state’s legislative body.

Christians in Oklahoma can call the Bible the inspired and infallible Word of God, and they can center their church and their personal lives around the Scripture, but they shouldn’t try to insert it in the political process.

Joe Biden, For the Love of God Stop Quoting the Bible!

“Thursday’s suicide bombing at Kabul airport was the most deadly attack on American forces in Afghanistan since 2011. In remarks on the attack, President Biden honored the fallen soldiers by quoting the Hebrew Bible. The American military has been answering for a long time. ‘Here I am, Lord. Send me, ‘Biden said, in an allusion to Isaiah 6:8. ‘Each one of these women and men of our Armed Forces are the heirs of that tradition of sacrifice, of volunteering to go into harm’s way, to risk everything; not for glory, not for profit, but to defend what we love and the people we love.”

The Week

God damn any American politician, especially the president, when he invokes Scripture or the Almighty, thereby making a mockery of the cherished constitutional principle of separation of church and state.

Biden may be a faithful Catholic, but he’s no Old Testament scholar. The verse he quoted wasn’t a call to arms for the Israelites of old to defend their country from their many enemies, it was a prophet answering Jehovah’s call to warn his chosen people to obey his commandments.

America isn’t an exceptional country, every nation on Earth believes it is an exceptional, and Israel isn’t God’s chosen nation, blessed over every other country.

Politicians would be well-advised to leave the Almighty out of political and military matters. Biden may quote the Bible to justify his Afghan policy, but ISIS quotes the Koran to justify employing suicide bombers against on occupying power.

Have we learned nothing in centuries of written history? For the love of God, leave God out of politics!

Of Biblical Commas, Biblical Inerrancy and Humility

“There is not a single edit you could make to Scripture to improve it. Anything you would do to amend so much as a biblical comma would drastically demote it. You can’t improve the Word of God. You’d only ruin perfection. Keep your edits on the shelf.”

Tweet by Grace Bible Theological Seminary provost and theology professor Owen Strachan.

Evangelical theologians like Strachan who believe in Biblical inerrancy believe that the Bible in the original manuscripts is without fault or error. Most evangelical theologians also believe in biblical infallibility, the belief that what the Bible says regarding matters of faith, science, geography and history is absolutely true.

They believe that every jot and tittle in Scripture is the inspired word of God and woe is unto any infidel who removes so much as a single comma.

I’m not a theologian or a linguist, but even I know that the original Hebrew Biblical manuscripts were written without vowels and without punctuation. In fact, most modern Hebrew is also written without vowels. Vowels were inserted by translators when they deemed it necessary for reading comprehension and to prevent misunderstandings.

The original manuscripts may have been without fault or error, but what most Christians don’t realize is that over the past 2,000 years, the sacred text has changed a great deal. There is not a single “first edition” extant, what we have are copies of copies of copies of copies …

Of course, Strachan knows that there are no commas in the original Hebrew manuscripts, evidently he places a greater importance on trolling rather than teaching the Bible.

The original holy text simply doesn’t exist, the fact is that what we have are English translations of Hebrew manuscripts that were copied scores of times.  The scribes who copied the Hebrew manuscripts made myriad errors and the translators who translated the Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek to English made mistakes of their own.

The provenance of Scripture should instill a little bit of humility in theologians and lay Christians. The Bible of today is an imperfect book for imperfect human beings, which means that Christians should be less dogmatic and more loving, tolerant, and understanding.

Sacrilege: Donald Trump Signs Bibles of Alabama Tornado Victims

Touring the area where a devastating tornado touched down, Donald Trump signed Bibles for supporters who gathered to see him at a Baptist church in Opelika, Ala.

In the aftermath of the violent tornado you`d think evangelicals would be in fear of the awesome power of their God, and for at least the next few days and weeks live righteously.

Instead the white evangelicals thrust their Bibles at the man who embodies all seven deadly sins, so he could defile their holy books with his huge vain autograph.

“Donald Trump signing bibles is like Hannibal Lecter signing cookbooks.”

Adam Best on Twitter

Or I might add like a prostitute signing a book titled: Purity Ring, the story of a girl who exchanged her dildos and romance books for the ultimate symbol of virginity when she found Christ.

Atheists would have been convinced of the existence of the Almighty had he smote that Baptist church with a lightning bolt while the short-fingered vulgarian was signing Bibles.

Jesus would bless the Bibles and the lives of white evangelicals if they followed the teachings of the Gospels, and repudiated the man who is the antithesis of the precepts of love, compassion and peace of the true Messiah.

I close with this warning from Two Corinthians (as the Donald would say):

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.

II Corinthians 5:7

I`m glad I won`t have to explain to Jesus why I begged the Antichrist to sign my Bible.

Donald Trump Tweets Support for Bible Literacy Classes in Public Schools

Noted Bible Scholar

“President Donald Trump is endorsing a variety of Bible Literacy classes that have been introduced by state lawmakers across the country, including in Virginia.

`Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible,` Trump wrote in a Monday morning tweet. `Starting to make a turn back? Great!`”


Donald Trump who went to Liberty University, a prominent Christian evangelical university, to deliver a speech in which he cited “Two Corinthians 3: 17” is endorsing Bible Literacy classes – how rich!

I realize most of my readers are heathen so let me explain that for a Christian to refer to 2 Corinthians as “Two Corinthians” is equivalent to somebody who pretends to be a physics major saying that he can see black holes when he puts on his x-ray glasses.

If anyone needs to take a course in Bible literacy it`s Trump, perhaps Mike Pence can extricate his head from Trump`s rectum long enough to teach him a thing or two about the Bible.

The vice president and members of the Cabinet hold a weekly circle jerk disguised as a Bible study, Trump would join these wankers if he really cared about Bible literacy.

The Bible should be anathema in public schools, although the King James Version of the Bible is a literary masterpiece, and it could be taught as an optional course for students interested in English literature.

The only time Trump cracks open the Bible is when he uses it as a cover to hide from his wife the fact that he`s actually reading Penthouse Forum.

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Double Rainbow Appears Over White House! Divine Sign the Almighty Will Smite Donald Trump!

“President Donald Trump left Washington to speak at a rally in West Virginia on Friday and a double rainbow was spotted over the White House.”

Yahoo News

When a rainbow appears in the skies, after a downpour, we marvel at the awesome sight, and are subconsciously reassured that there`s always hope after the storm.

After the most horrible downpour in human history the Biblical flood, Jehovah declared that the rainbow was a sign that he would never again destroy humanity with a flood. The fire next time …

The double rainbow that appeared over the White House after Donald Trump had left Washington to speak at a political rally in West Virginia is a divine sign that the downpour of lies and obscenities emanating from the White House will soon come to an end, hopefully before 2020.

If humanity survived the flood, we will also survive the Trump administration. But don`t sit on your ass waiting for the Almighty to smite the orange bastard. Do everything in your power to bring down Trump, as a humble blogger I promise to continue to write hundreds of essays exposing Trump until he`s impeached and removed from power.

Pic of the double rainbow:


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Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed Hours After Installation

“A newly installed Ten Commandments monument on Arkansas state Capitol grounds was toppled on Wednesday by a man police said drove his vehicle into the granite slab and posted the incident on Facebook.

`It was shattered into a lot of pieces,` Chris Powell, a spokesman for the Secretary of State and Capitol Police, said in an interview.

The suspect, identified as Michael Reed, 32, was arrested on three charges, including a felony of defacing an object of public interest. Police did not release Reed`s motive for destroying the monument installed in Little Rock on Tuesday.”


This is not the first time, and it won`t be the last time the Ten Commandments are smashed. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the Bible knows that when Moses came down from the mountain, after Jehovah had given him the tablets of stone, he witnessed the Israelites committing fornication, idolatry, and practically every other type of pagan sin under the sun. Moses was so enraged by the sins of the people of God, that he smashed the commandments to smithereens.

Police haven`t released Reed`s motivation for destroying the Ten Commandments monument on Arkansas state Capital grounds, but it`s reasonable to conclude that his act of vandalism wasn`t inspired by the heathen proclivities of the good citizens of Arkansas.

Installing a Ten Commandments monument on Arkansas state Capital grounds is such a provocation, and an affront to our beloved Constitution and the Almighty himself, that even a rational person might be tempted to topple the religious marker.

A Christian church or a Jewish temple would be a perfect place to erect a Ten Commandments monument, but to erect a religious pillar on government property is a blatant violation of our sacred principle of separation of church and state.

I don`t know if Jehovah was mad when Moses destroyed the original Ten Commandments, but I`m guessing He was thrilled when Reed drove his vehicle into the granite slab.

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