Court Rules Alleging Richard Simmons is Transitioning from Man to Woman Isn’t Defamation

“Richard Simmons was ordered to pay nearly $130,000 to the National Enquirer and Radar Online after the exercise guru sued the two media outlets for running a series of articles alleging he was transitioning to become a woman.

Simmons, 69, was ordered by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Keosian Friday to pay the media outlets` attorneys` fees and American Media, their publisher, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Simmons sued the media outlets in May for a series of articles that alleged the fitness guru was transitioning to become a woman. He claimed that, while he holds no personal ill-feelings toward the transgender community, the articles were false and defamatory to his character. Simmons` lawyers argued that as a public figure, he has a legal right to “not be portrayed as someone he is not.”

However, Keosian ruled that alleging someone is transgender is not necessarily defamatory. Keosian dismissed Simmons case on Sept. 1, 2017.”

Fox News

Richard Simmons is an eccentric and he offends my aesthetic sensibilities, whenever I see him on TV with his shaved body and tiny shorts I want to blow up my screen with my shotgun.

But different strokes for different folks, and if the fey bastard is your cup of tea, more power to you.

Richard Simmons has disappeared from the national spotlight, he hasn`t made a public appearance in years, and most of us are delighted that he`s become a recluse.

Naturally publications that feature celebrities are going to speculate on the reason for his disappearance. The National Enquirer and Radar Online naturally concluded that the little freak was in hiding as he transitioned to become a woman.

Simmons sued these fine publications for defamation, and the judge correctly ruled that alleging someone is transgender isn`t defamation.

If they had impugned his motivation for transitioning from a male to a female, and alleged that he wasn`t suffering from gender dysphoria but was following in the footsteps of noted drama queen Bruce Jenner and he was interested only in publicity that would have been defamation.

The little ninny is 69-freaking-years-old, and he should be focusing on transitioning from a man to a corpse.

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The National Enquirer Claims Calling Richard Simmons Transgender Isn’t an Insult

“Richard Simmons` reputation wasn`t destroyed after a story ran he was transitioning to a woman and that`s why he can`t sue … so claims the National Enquirer.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, American Media says Richard`s defamation suit shouldn`t stand because there`s nothing insulting about saying someone is transgender. On top of that, AM says for most of his 40-year career, Simmons created gender uncertainty by wearing flamboyant, feminine attire.”


You don`t need a doctorate on gender studies from Harvard University to deduce that Richard Simmons isn`t a heterosexual. Simmons is an American icon and his reputation as an eccentric and sexual ambiguous personality was established decades before America accepted gays, lesbians and transgender people.

I can imagine a gentleman who shaves his legs and has a penchant for wearing hot pink hot pants dating men, or transitioning into a female, but making love to a woman? Hell No!

The lawyers for the National Enquirer are spot on in their legal reasoning, how can Simmons allege that his reputation was ruined when the tabloid ran a story claiming he was transitioning to a woman named Fiona, when there`s nothing wrong with being transgender?

Gay rights organizations should sue Simmons for implying that there`s something wrong with being transgender.

Exactly how was Simmons damaged, these days he`s a recluse who never leaves his home. He hasn`t lost any gigs, because for all practical purposes he`s retired from public life.

Richard/Fiona needs to put on his big girl britches and suck it up.

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