Donald Trump is a Liar

Donald Trump has as much of an intimate relationship with the truth as I have with Halle Berry. I admire her intelligence, wit, and grace from afar, and to be frank I lust after his physical beauty, but I will probably never be in the same zip code as her, let alone close enough to steal a kiss. Only in my fantasies will I consummate a relationship with the Hollywood sexpot, and only in an alternative universe will Trump be known as a truthteller.

We all tell white lies to avoid hurting the feelings of acquaintances and friends, and sometimes we tell whoppers to avoid the unpleasant truth, but deceit is the very essence of Trump. He lies in the same way that a serial killer murders and in the same manner a prostitute engages in promiscuous sex with any man or woman with a heartbeat and a wallet.

Please forgive me for channeling Trump in describing his relationship to the truth, he wouldn’t know the truth if it rammed him up the wazoo.

We’re all familiar with the statistics, the Stable Genius has told over 15,000 lies since assuming office. Even the short-fingered vulgarian’s most ardent supporters will stipulate that he’s no Honest Abe.

The most obvious consequence of Trump’s compulsive lying is that we take everything he says with a grain of salt, and we have no faith or confidence that he will even attempt to keep his promises.

Another effect of Trump’s mendacious nature is that in order to remain in his good graces, administration officials are forced to obfuscate and prevaricate to cover up for their boss. An honest person in the White House is as scarce as a virgin in a whore house.

Trump not only folds, spindles and mutilates the truth, he has changed the definition of the word. Trump is always ranting against the “fake news”, but we must always keep in mind that he isn’t referring to newspapers and cable news outlets that spread fabrications and lies, but to media organizations that tell the unpleasant truth about the corruption in his administration.

How do we confront a pathological liar when he has the biggest soapbox in the world? It’s easy to grow weary in well doing, but we must expose Trump every time he lies. A news anchor with millions of viewers or a blogger with a few hundred Twitter followers must call out Trump every single time he misrepresents the truth.

A million lies can’t defeat the truth, and an evil man can remain in power for a season by butchering the truth, but in the end the truth always wins out.

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