Pic of Donald Trump Jr. Brandishing Rifle Exposes His Racism

“A photo of President Donald Trump’s oldest son smiling while holding a semi-automatic rifle bearing medieval symbols and a cartoon of Hillary Clinton behind bars drew swift attention over the weekend, with hate group researchers pointing out that the medieval symbols have been embraced by extremist groups.

Donald Trump Jr. posted the photo Sunday on Instagram with a nod in the caption to the controversial design, which included a Crusader Cross — also known as a Jerusalem Cross — and helmet on the lower receiver, as well as a magazine featuring the image of the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee.”


A federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One has found nothing worthy of criminal investigation, but rightwing extremists will continue to shout “Lock Her Up” even until she’s a nonagenarian barely holding on to life in a nursing home.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see Donald Trump Jr. photographed brandishing a semi-automatic rifle with a cartoon depicting Hillary behind bars.

A photograph of the son of the most powerful man in the world brandishing an assault rife is a veiled threat against racial minorities and other disenfranchised communities. After all, Junior is protected by the Secret Service and he has no need for an assault rifle for personal protection. Trump Jr. is relishing in the fact that white privilege allows him to pose holding a rifle without fear of being investigated by the FBI. If I, an Hispanic American posted a pic on Facebook of me brandishing an assault rifle with a carton of Trump behind bars, the FBI would come knocking at my door.

The intimidating firearm also has a Crusader Cross, a medieval symbol embraced by anti-Muslim extremist groups.

Yeah, we get it! You’re just like your dad: a pathetic little man who compensates for his physical shortcomings by brandishing guns. We get that you hate Muslims and other religious and racial minorities, and that you would love to gun us all down.

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