Tommy Tuberville’s Racist Comments at Trump’s MAGA rally

Tommy Tuberville

At Donald Trump’s MAGA rallies homophobia, xenophobia and racism runs rampant; the speakers at these hate fests feel emboldened to let their racist flag fly high.

The latest example is Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville who uttered this blatantly racist statement at the latest Trump rally:

“Democrats are in favor of reparations because they are pro-crime. They want reparations because they think the people who do the crime are owed that. Bullshit.”

Needless to say, Tuberville’s odious comments were met with thunderous applause.

It’s unforgivable for a former collegiate coach who for three decades made millions on the blood and sweat of black student-athletes, to make such a racist statement.

Where do I even begin to dissect these execrable words?

First of all, most Democrats are not in favor of reparations, according to a poll conducted by the Morning Consult and Politico in February 2021, only 42 percent of Democrats are strongly in favor or reparations.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents are against crime, the only ones in favor of crime are criminals whether they are drug dealers in the inner city or businessmen committing fraud and tax crimes on Wall Street.

And to suggest that all black people are criminals and therefore undeserving of reparations is flat-out racism.

Tuberville’s words and thoughts are bullshit, and one would hope that the only people who applaud this undisguised racism are the white evangelicals, QAnon cult members, Christian White Nationalists, rednecks, and assorted trash who attend MAGA rallies.

Tommy Tuberville: ‘God Sent Us Donald Trump Because He Knew We Were in Trouble

The Alabama Republican primary race features a cast of characters that could only thrive in a Bible Belt state:

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore whose love for the Bible is only exceeded by his lust for underage girls.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions who campaigns on his loyalty to the president who emasculated and humiliated him on an almost daily basis when he served in his administration.

Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville who is running an ad in which he says, “God sent us Donald Trump because God knew we were in trouble.”

Only someone who identifies as a “Christian conservative Republican” could make such a patently ridiculous and theologically suspect proclamation.

America is in trouble, in no small part because the President is an amoral, vulgar, autocratic buffoon who cares only about using his office to enrich himself and his family and to burnish his brand.

If the Almighty’s solution for the sorry state of our union is Donald Trump, I would consider becoming an atheist or listening to what the devil has to say.

Fear not, there is no reason to give up faith in God, only heretical white evangelicals think Trump was anointed by the Supreme Being to make America Great Again. The real God has a special place reserved in hell for the likes of Donald Trump.