Trump Tied With Obama as the Most Admired Man in America

“For the first time ever, President Donald Trump tied with his predecessor, Barack Obama, as the most admired man in America this year, according to the annual poll from Gallup. 2019 marks Obama’s 12th year at the top of the list, tying him with former president Dwight Eisenhower.

Trump has never before topped the list, which is compiled by asking Americans to name which living man and woman they admire most. The question is open-ended.”

Yahoo News

Donald Trump tied with Barack Obama as the most admired man in America.

This isn’t a headline from the satirical publication “The Onion” and the poll wasn’t conducted by the Trump-friendly “Rasmussen Reports” but by the highly respected “Gallup” company.

What can we glean from this headline other than the hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are deafening?

The incumbent U.S. president is usually the choice for America’s most admired living man, even if he is a racist, ignorant and blithering idiot like Trump. Out of 72 prior polls, the incumbent president has placed first 58 times.

Hopefully, Americans will come to their senses in 2020 and Trump won’t be reelected and he will completely disappear from this poll.

The results of this poll speak of the intellectual laziness of Americans, by default they name the current occupant of the White House as the man they admire the most without contemplating if he’s had a positive or negative impact on society.

This poll also reflects the undying loyalty of Trump supporters, they would vote for the short-fingered vulgarian as the most admired living man even if Jesus Christ returned and lived in Idaho.

You’d think that an amoral buffoon like Trump would be thrilled that he’s tied with Obama as the most admired man in America, but I’m sure he’s furious that he can’t overcome the legacy of his predecessor.

Trump Tweets Thanks to Rasmussen Reports Poll

“President Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday and commented on a poll from conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports that shows his approval rating at 50 percent, ahead of where former President Barack Obama was at the same point in his presidency.

`Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin` Obama at the same time in his Administration,` Trump tweeted.”


If Fox News is the state propaganda organ of the Trump administration, Rasmussen Reports is the official White House poll.

The conservative-leaning Rasmussen is always an outlier, it makes you wonder if they only interview morons who`ve bought merchandise from the official Trump Store.

Although Trump`s ratings have been rising recently, most respectable polls show his approval ratings in the low 40`s.

Trump isn`t content to bask in the glow of the suspect Rasmussen poll, he can`t help but gratuitously insult Obama.

A man who`s cheated on all three of his wives, should think twice about labeling anyone as a cheater.

Polls are just a snapshot of history, but when all is said and done the history books will depict Obama as a good president, and Trump as an abomination.

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Even the Rasmussen Poll Shows Donald Trump’s Approval Rating in the Toilet

“The poll President Donald Trump has publicly touted isn`t bringing him much good news lately. The latest survey released by Rasmussen Reports Thursday found Trump`s approval rating his nearing his all-time low.

Just 44 percent of respondents approved of Trump`s job performance in the survey, while 56 percent disapproved. That`s just one percentage point better than the president`s lowest approval ever in the Rasmussen Reports tracking poll: He hit 43 percent approval on multiple occasions. But Trump had risen to 46 percent at the end of June, and he also tweeted out the results of the poll earlier in the month-when he rose to 50 percent approval.”


Rasmussen Reports is the Fox News of polls, when every poll finds Trump beneath water, Rasmussen can be counted on to be the outlier that finds him treading water. It begs the question does Rasmussen interview only schmucks who`ve purchased “Make America Great” hats?

When even the Rasmussen poll finds Trump`s approval rating nearing his all-time low is should be perceived as a clarion call by the president that his administration is in deep trouble.

Trump frequently cites Rasmussen to prove that he still enjoys a modicum of support, will he now declare that it`s a fake poll, like every other poll?

If Trump has his druthers he would officially make Fox News the state news network, and he would create a state poll that`s weighted in his favor.

Sorry Trump but this isn`t Russia or North Korea, and our independent and fair news outlets like MSNBC, CNN, ABC News and CBS News are going to report the truth that your administration is an abject failure, and the polls are going to report the truth that your ratings are in the toilet.

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Donald Trump’s Base Remains Loyal

“President Donald Trump is running into political trouble on a variety of fronts, but the overwhelming majority of his core supporters remain loyal to him and give him high approval ratings.

The latest poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post finds that, as he approaches his 100th day in office Saturday – a traditional milestone for assessing new presidents – 96 percent of those who supported him in last November`s election say they would do it again today. His approval rating among those who voted for him is 94 percent. This is a positive development for Trump just when he needs it most. It could embolden him to confront his adversaries in Congress on a variety of fronts as a possible government shutdown looms at the end of this week.”

US News & World Report

By any objective standard the Donald Trump administration has been an unmitigated disaster. Trump failed miserably in his signature campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, there is no more talk of Mexico paying for the wall, and not a single major piece of legislation has been implemented. Keep in mind that Republicans control the executive branch and both houses of Congress, if Trump had a modicum of political skill he`d be signing bills left and right in the Oval Office.

You`d think that Trump`s ineptitude and outright failure would have humbled him a little bit, and that he`d be spending time in quiet retrospection, but he`s still ranting and raving on Twitter.

At least you`d think that Trump would redouble his efforts to get some victories under his belt during his first 100 days in office, but he`s spending almost every weekend golfing in his resorts.

A flurry of executive orders is no substitute for seeking bipartisan consensus and getting his policies enacted through the legislative process.

The American public isn`t fooled, as the polls show, we realize that Trump is one of the worst presidents in history. However the overwhelming majority of his supporters remain loyal to him.

During the campaign Trump famously boasted that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and he wouldn`t lose voters. Trump could shoot Nancy Pelosi in the Rose Garden and take a dump on her, and he wouldn`t lose any of his supporters.

Trump doesn`t learn from his mistakes, in fact he doesn`t even acknowledge his mistakes, it`s inevitable that he will continue to make huge blunders. Let`s hope that enough Republicans, who care more about our country than their party, will join Democrats in impeaching him.

The first 100 days of the Trump administration seem like an eternity, our democracy simply can`t survive four years of epic tomfoolery, ineptitude, corruption and buffoonery.

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