Iowa Teacher Placed on Leave After ‘Sniper’ Comment about Greta Thunberg Visit

“A high school teacher in Iowa has been placed on administrative leave after he posted a threatening comment on Facebook Thursday in response to a news story about the local visit of 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Waterloo West High School science teacher Matt Baish posted “don’t have my sniper rifle” next to a story about the Swedish student’s trip to Iowa City Friday, The Des Moines Register reported.”


A teacher is entrusted with teaching basic educational subjects and life skills to our children while making them feel safe in a world where violence often invades their refuge in the terrifying form of a school shooter.

A high school teacher, Matt Baish, threatened 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg with gun violence on social media and what makes this cowardly threat even more despicable is that Thunberg is the same age as his students.

Baish is teaching his young charges that if they don’t agree with the political views of someone else, they should threaten them with violence. Trump may honor Baish by inviting him to the White House, but rational folks should be outraged and demand that this teacher be summarily fired.

The Waterloo Community School District released this statement:

“We are aware of a social media situation involving one of our employees. The nature of the content shared rose to the level of putting this employee on administrative leave pending an investigation. We appreciate your patience as we sort through the details and thank you for respecting the process.”

What is there to investigate when Baish posted “don’t have my sniper rifle” nest to an article about the Swedish climate activist’s trip to Iowa? Baish should be immediately fired and investigated by the police for making a terror threat. Our children shouldn’t have nightmares about own of their own teachers mowing them down with a rifle.

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