Trump Embarrassed by Blunder During Live Call With Female Astronauts

DONALD TRUMP was humiliated by two female astronauts after they fact-checked his lack of space knowledge during a live call. The embarrassing moment came when Trump contacted the International Space Station to congratulate Jessica Meir and Christina Koch for completing an all female spacewalk outside of the craft. Trump, however, congratulated the pair for being the ‘first ever female spacewalkers’.


Donald Trump, the Leader of the Free World, President of the United States, Founder of the Space Force, and self-described Stable Genius is such a screw up that he can’t even handle his ceremonial duties.

The ignorant buffoon was supposed to have congratulated Jessica Meir and Christina Koch for completing the first all-female spacewalk. If he had read his briefing notes he would have learned that the first female spacewalk took place in 1984 and 14 more have since followed.

But as we all know the fucking moron has an aversion to reading, and he relies on his instinct and intellect to comment on occasions great and small, naturally he allows mucks things up.

Meir politely fact checked Trump on live TV saying:

“We don’t want to take too much credit because there have been many other female spacewalkers before.”

Had the conversation been private, and not viewed by millions around the world it might have gone a little bit like this:

Trump: Congratulations for being the first female spacewalkers! Quid pro quo is my middle name, and if you space bitches let me screw you when you return to Earth, I will award you with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Female astronauts: Stunned silence. Praying that they can remain in space forever, or at least until Trump is impeached and removed from office.

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