Why Do Evangelicals Hate ‘Pride Month’ So Much?

“Christian hate-peddler Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who admitted last month that Christian warriors were ‘trying to take over the world,’ is now offering life tips to Christians on how to survive Pride Month.

In addition to his tips, though, he complained about why they were needed at all:

‘How did we get to the point where celebrating sex and transgenderism became a 30-day event that rivals Christmas. We have a president who’s flying the rainbow flag above the U.S. flag at our embassies, a Democratic Congress that thinks the military should salute pride on base, and a White House that brags that almost 1 percent of its 1,500 appointees are LGBT. You can’t blame people for wondering: When did we become identified by our sexual proclivities? The world is upside down when American pride is something we should apologize, for but sexual perversion is the stuff of parades.’”

Friendly Atheist

What an ethnically, politically and religiously diverse America needs are life tips on how to survive the assault of white evangelicals on religious, ethnic, and sexual minorities. Broadcast TV, Cable TV, and the internet are littered with religious programming that demeans and demonizes the LGBTQ community.

Homophobe Tony Perkins laments the fact that an entire month is set aside to celebrate the LGBTQ community and their contributions to making America the greatest democracy in the world. Bitch please, after centuries of oppression, persecution and pogroms against gay people, the least we can do is set aside a month to revel in their awesomeness.

Evangelicals like Perkins never grow weary of peddling the trope that homosexuality is synonymous with sexual perversion. Taking pride in loving a person of the same gender isn’t a perversion, it’s an expression of freedom and acceptance.

The world is upside down when hatemongers are given a platform to preach their evil Gospel of misogyny, homophobia and racism. Perkins and his ilk are on the wrong side of history, but little by little we are turning things around and making America a more inclusive, democratic and loving country.

Would You Buy a MAGA Pride T-Shirt From the Trump/Pence Campaign Web Site?

List of items I would expect to be available at the Trump/Pence campaign web site:

Bibles signed by their false Messiah, Donald Trump Extra-large Depend adult diapers, “For the senior citizen in your life who wants to dress just like Trump.”

MAGA hats, “For informal occasions when a KKK hood isn’t required.”

American flag thong bikini, “For the patriot who wishes to protest godless liberals who desecrate and burn the flag.”

One thing I would not expect to find for sale is a Make America Great Again Pride T-Shirt in rainbow letters. It’s advertised under the caption: Show your support for the LGBT community and the 45th President with this exclusive Make America Great Again Pride T-Shirt.

A recent Out/YouGov poll found that 93% of LGBTQ people disapprove of the virulently anti-gay Trump administration. I suspect they’re not going to sell out of this special edition Make America Great Again T-Shirt.

A Pride T-Shirt at the Trump/Pence campaign web site is as incongruous as a rainbow-colored swastika at a Nazi web site.

The day I buy a Pride shirt at the Trump/Pence web site is the same day I will vote to reelect Trump, in other words when hell freezes over.