Would You Buy a MAGA Pride T-Shirt From the Trump/Pence Campaign Web Site?

List of items I would expect to be available at the Trump/Pence campaign web site:

Bibles signed by their false Messiah, Donald Trump Extra-large Depend adult diapers, “For the senior citizen in your life who wants to dress just like Trump.”

MAGA hats, “For informal occasions when a KKK hood isn’t required.”

American flag thong bikini, “For the patriot who wishes to protest godless liberals who desecrate and burn the flag.”

One thing I would not expect to find for sale is a Make America Great Again Pride T-Shirt in rainbow letters. It’s advertised under the caption: Show your support for the LGBT community and the 45th President with this exclusive Make America Great Again Pride T-Shirt.

A recent Out/YouGov poll found that 93% of LGBTQ people disapprove of the virulently anti-gay Trump administration. I suspect they’re not going to sell out of this special edition Make America Great Again T-Shirt.

A Pride T-Shirt at the Trump/Pence campaign web site is as incongruous as a rainbow-colored swastika at a Nazi web site.

The day I buy a Pride shirt at the Trump/Pence web site is the same day I will vote to reelect Trump, in other words when hell freezes over.

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