Cynical Republican Candidates Shift Position on Abortion as General Election Approaches


For decades evangelicals were on a mission from God to overturn Roe v Wade, and when the Supreme Court in the Dobbs vs. Jackson ruling held that abortion was not a protected right under the Constitution, overturning Roe, they erupted in jubilation.

For decades Republican politicians have railed against abortion in an effort to solidify their support with their evangelical base. They didn’t exactly praise the Lord and break out the champagne when Roe was overturned.

The fact is that Roe enjoyed wide support among most of the electorate, including many non-evangelical Republicans, and the banning of abortion is the worst thing that could have happened to the GOP.

Republican candidates across the country are shifting their position on abortion. They know how to read the political tea leaves and have moderated their position on abortion as they pivot from primaries to the general election.

Republican candidates who condemned a woman’s right to choose with evangelical zeal in the primaries have all of a sudden discovered nuance and compromise as they face off against their Democratic opponents in the general election.

Republican politicians were terrified when voters in Kansas overwhelmingly decided to keep abortion protections in their state’s constitution and a few weeks later, a House candidate in upstate New York won a special election in a competitive district by making abortion the top issue of his campaign.  

As the midterms quickly approach, I hope voters aren’t fooled by the Republicans’ shifting position on abortion born out of political expediency. If you believe in choice, vote blue this November.