Cleveland Browns Lineman Wyatt Teller Causes Uproar For Killing, Posing With an Alligator

Football is a brutal sport and NFL players revel in their machismo and they rarely miss any opportunity to showcase their strength and power. Their social media sites are chock-full of images depicted them bench pressing hundreds of pounds and performing other athletic feats.

Cleveland Browns lineman Wyatt Teller shot, murdered, and then posed with a magnificent 10-foot-long alligator. He was captured on photographs and videos carrying the blood 200-pound beast over his shoulders.

He killed the reptile while on a hunting experience in Florida last week. Some people visit Florida to enjoy the beautiful beaches or to enjoy the thrilling rides and attractions in Disneyworld, Neanderthals visit the Sunshine State to kill beautiful animals.

The video of the smiling moron carrying the alligator over his shoulders is as disturbing as a video depicting a psychopath carrying a bloody 100-pound female victim on his shoulders.

The NFL should send a clear signal that they value animal life by at the very least condemning Teller for his despicable act of animal cruelty.

Shame on The North Dakota State Bison for Accepting Invitation to Trump’s White House

“Another championship football team visited the White House on Monday.

And President Donald Trump once again had a buffet of fast food waiting for his guests.

Trump welcomed the Football Championship Subdivision champions – the North Dakota State Bison – to the White House on Monday. And, according to a pool report, he served them a lunchtime spread of Big-Macs, Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches and French fries, among other fast-food items.

Trump served a similar meal to the Clemson Tigers when they visited the White House in January.”

USA Today

College football players are world-class athletes, and their bodies are their meal tickets — naturally they are very conscious about eating nutritionally balanced meals.

But a glutton thinks everyone is a glutton, and it`s not surprising that the morbidly obese Big Mac-loving president served his guests a feast of calorie-laden fast food.

I don`t think Trump`s fast food spread deserves to be called a “buffet,” even the most humble and inexpensive buffet offers at least a couple of fancy items like lobster tails or salmon. Unless the condiments included Grey Poupon mustard, there was nothing fancy about Trump`s lunchtime spread.

Not that I feel any sympathy for the North Dakota State Bison, that`s what they deserve for attending a function at the White House of the racist-in-chief.

Most champions of professional leagues, like the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, have refused to legitimize the presidency of Trump by visiting the White House.

I guess that only a team that few people have heard of, like The North Dakota State Bison, would accept an invitation to meet the president at the White House.

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Fashionista/Quarterback Cam Newton Benched for Dress Code Violation


Cam Newton turns heads because of his athleticism and brilliant play on the gridiron, the reigning NFL MVP is a top notch quarterback.

Off the football field people shake their heads at his flamboyant fashion sensibilities, he looks like a drag queen on crack.

Newton should come out of the closet, and not just because he spends too much time in his walk-in closets contemplating which outrageous outfit to wear. Newton should come out of the closet as a gay man, you don’t need to possess a finely-tuned gaydar to deduce that his effeminate clothes and effete demeanor reveal him to be a stereotypically gay man.Of course not every gay man sashays around in frilly attire, but there is a subset of the gay culture that rolls that way.

I don’t mean to imply that there is no room in the NFL for gay quarterbacks, in fact I wish Cam would come out as gay because it would advance gay rights. Cam may act effeminate off the football field, but on the gridiron he is fearless, putting his body and career on the line rushing for first downs.

Quarterback/fashionista Newton should have been arrested by the fashion police a long time ago, kudos to his couch for benching him for the first series of the game against Seattle for failing to wear a tie on the team’s flight from northern California to Seattle.

Journeyman quarterback Derek Anderson started the game instead of Newton, and promptly threw an interception on the first play of the game. A Seattle linebacker returned the pick to the 8-yard line, and the Seahawks went up 3-0, en route to a 40-7 rout.

Most football fans could care less about Cam’s penchant for dressing like a trans gay hooker, but when his disregard for conventional dress directly leads to a losing a football game — Houston we have a problem.