Cleveland Browns Lineman Wyatt Teller Causes Uproar For Killing, Posing With an Alligator

Football is a brutal sport and NFL players revel in their machismo and they rarely miss any opportunity to showcase their strength and power. Their social media sites are chock-full of images depicted them bench pressing hundreds of pounds and performing other athletic feats.

Cleveland Browns lineman Wyatt Teller shot, murdered, and then posed with a magnificent 10-foot-long alligator. He was captured on photographs and videos carrying the blood 200-pound beast over his shoulders.

He killed the reptile while on a hunting experience in Florida last week. Some people visit Florida to enjoy the beautiful beaches or to enjoy the thrilling rides and attractions in Disneyworld, Neanderthals visit the Sunshine State to kill beautiful animals.

The video of the smiling moron carrying the alligator over his shoulders is as disturbing as a video depicting a psychopath carrying a bloody 100-pound female victim on his shoulders.

The NFL should send a clear signal that they value animal life by at the very least condemning Teller for his despicable act of animal cruelty.

Moron Brett Favre Duped into Recording anti-Semitic Message

“Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre and other celebrities allegedly were duped in November by an online white supremacy group into recording videos that used coded alt-right language and have been posted on YouTube to promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Favre, actor Andy Dick and rapper Soulja Boy recorded messages at the request of the `GDL,` or `Goyim Defense League,` which employs the Yiddish word for non-Jews and mocks the Anti-Defamation League`s acronym, according to BuzzFeed News. The group used the app Cameo, which allows users to purchase a video of a celebrity reading a custom message.

YouTubers `Handsome Truth` and `Sway Guevara` paid $500 for the message, BuzzFeed reports.”

Washington Post

Like most former successful professional athletes Brett Favre is a spokesman for a few companies including Copper Fit and Dick`s Sporting Goods. Favre is well compensated for shilling for these companies, and he has several other revenue streams as well.

But the greedy bastard wants to squeeze every penny from his name, and so he records messages for the app Cameo, which allows users to purchase a video of c celebrity reading a custom message. I would gladly pay $500 to have Favre record the following message: I Brett Favre am a steaming pile of human excrement, and my hobby is sending women unsolicited dick pics.

Consider the two other celebs who were fooled into recording messages by the white supremacy group: Andy Dick who has a penchant for exposing his dick and grabbing men`s genitals, and Soulja Boy who is the biggest dick in the rap game.

How low can Favre sink, can we look forward to him selling autographed photographs of his penis?

What a dick!

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Jerry Rice’s Popeyes Chicken Commercial an Abomination! May He Rot in Hell!

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area during the glory days of the San Francisco 49ers, watching Joe Montana connect with Jerry Rice for touchdown after touchdown was pure poetry in motion. Joe Cool and Jerry Rice exemplified grace and elegance on and off the field, and they are gridiron legends.

After his retirement Montana has appeared in several commercials, including the classic ATT commercial featuring Montana and Steve Young. Montana has managed to make money as as commercial spokesman without embarrassing himself.

Jerry Rice, on the other hand, has almost succeeded in destroying his elegant legacy on the football field with one tacky and disturbing commercial.

Rice is perpetrating the racist stereotype that blacks sho nuff love dem some fried chicken, this toxic commercial must be seen to be believed.

The commercial depicts Rice wearing a football helmet with the Popeyes Chicken logo, that has a piece of fried chicken attached to it.

I`m a Latino and I love tacos, but common sense and self-pride would inhibit me from wearing a T-shirt with the slogan: Orale ese, gimme some tacos.

Shame on Jerry Rice, he is an embarrassment to athletes, blacks, Americans and the entire human race. If there`s a God in heaven he will choke on a chicken bone and wake up in hell.

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Fashionista/Quarterback Cam Newton Benched for Dress Code Violation


Cam Newton turns heads because of his athleticism and brilliant play on the gridiron, the reigning NFL MVP is a top notch quarterback.

Off the football field people shake their heads at his flamboyant fashion sensibilities, he looks like a drag queen on crack.

Newton should come out of the closet, and not just because he spends too much time in his walk-in closets contemplating which outrageous outfit to wear. Newton should come out of the closet as a gay man, you don’t need to possess a finely-tuned gaydar to deduce that his effeminate clothes and effete demeanor reveal him to be a stereotypically gay man.Of course not every gay man sashays around in frilly attire, but there is a subset of the gay culture that rolls that way.

I don’t mean to imply that there is no room in the NFL for gay quarterbacks, in fact I wish Cam would come out as gay because it would advance gay rights. Cam may act effeminate off the football field, but on the gridiron he is fearless, putting his body and career on the line rushing for first downs.

Quarterback/fashionista Newton should have been arrested by the fashion police a long time ago, kudos to his couch for benching him for the first series of the game against Seattle for failing to wear a tie on the team’s flight from northern California to Seattle.

Journeyman quarterback Derek Anderson started the game instead of Newton, and promptly threw an interception on the first play of the game. A Seattle linebacker returned the pick to the 8-yard line, and the Seahawks went up 3-0, en route to a 40-7 rout.

Most football fans could care less about Cam’s penchant for dressing like a trans gay hooker, but when his disregard for conventional dress directly leads to a losing a football game — Houston we have a problem.

Cam Newton is Despised Because He’s Gay, Not Because He’s Black!

“When Cam Newton said before Super Bowl 50, `I`m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people,` it opened the floodgates for the conversation about whether the intense, irrational dislike of Newton by some fans was related to his race.
Newton said it isn`t.

`It`s not racism,` Newton told GQ in a long feature story on him. `Everybody`s entitled to their own opinion.`

It`s a fascinating topic, because clearly some of the ridiculous backlash is racist. There`s a clear double standard for some people when it comes to the things Newton does on and off the field. But some of it would still happen if the confident, outspoken (and insanely talented) Newton was white. I`m not sure what the ratio is. I`m also not sure if Newton really believes it has nothing to do with his race, or he didn`t feel like creating a massive controversy through a national magazine profile of him”

Yahoo Sports

Cam Newton is the most polarizing figure in the NFL, love him or hate him, we can`t stop talking about him.

Newton is spot on in his assessment that racism isn`t behind the intense hatred that`s focused on everything that he says and does. African American players are some of the most popular and beloved stars in the league. Black quarterbacks are no longer a novelty but ubiquitous in the NFL, and the ones that lead their teams to the playoffs are universally respected, with the notable exception of Newton.

When I`m at a sports bar and the Carolina Panthers are playing, I always hear insults hurled at their quarterback, but I have never heard anyone exclaim: There`s that ni**er showboating again! But I`ve heard fans call him a “faggot” or a “coc*sucker” dozens of times.

Football fans can accept a black football player as a quarterback, but they aren`t quite ready to accept a gay as a quarterback, or even as a kicker.

Cam Newton is a still in the closet, but you would have to be blind and stupid not to discern that he is the gayest man ever to play football in the NFL.

Maybe if Newton came out of the closet, he might earn the respect and admiration of the fans. I will throw up if Cam waits until he`s retired to come out of the closet, and he`s hailed as a hero. Man up dude, come out of the closet now!

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