Herschel Walker Takes Credit for Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr’s Intelligence


Herschel Walker has room temperature IQ; he doesn’t have any brain cells to spare. Believe it or not, a video has surfaced on social media where he takes credit for Donald Trump’s children’s intelligence.

The GOP’s illustrious Senate candidate for Georgia bragged that he spent quality time with Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. while they were growing up and was responsible for their intelligence.

In the video posted on Twitter, Walker said:

“I don’t know if y’all know this, but I knew Donald Trump before he became ‘The Donald.’ Matter of fact, little Ivanka and little Donald lived with me for a week, for five years, during the summer. Every amusement park, Disney World, Sea World—every place they went, I was the one to take them. I kept them for a week, so the intelligence of those two kids right there—not from Donald.”

The moron claims that Ivanka and Junior lived with him for five weeks over a period of five years. That would be five more weeks that the serial philanderer has spent with his out-of-wedlock children that he never publicly acknowledged until just recently, and that he never financially supported. Walker is a pathological liar and this is another of his tall tales.

Can you imagine racist Trump allowing his beloved blond brat to live with Walker for a week? Hell to the NO!

If Trump sees this video he may retract his endorsement, watching a black idiot take credit for his children’s intelligence will be too much to take.

Herschel Walker is a Moron

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker suffers from multiple personality disorder and there’s no proof that his multiple personalities have been integrated into one cohesive entity. Walker is like a classroom of special needs children.

But that’s not even his worst psychological or mental malady, to put it kindly he’s intellectually-challenged, or to express it in street vernacular he’s a freaking moron.

Walker isn’t morally, ethically or intellectually capable of serving as dog catcher. If he was a dog catcher, I’m convinced he would round up not only dogs, but cats, raccoons, squirrels and God only knows what other critters. The dog pound would house a menagerie of animals.

Walker’s Senate campaign has been a traveling circus, with the clown as the ringmaster. He babbles incoherently about every issue from climate change to immigration to foreign affairs. Walker’s idiotic comments aren’t gaffes like Joe Biden or malapropisms like George W. Bush, they are the utterings of a person cursed with a room temperature IQ.

Walker’s Crazy Town campaign is running at full speed, but what if the dog catches the bus? What if, God forbid, he actually wins? Can you imagine this ignoramus pontificating on the well of the Senate? Can you imagine him putting in his two cents worth in a debate over an issue of consequence? Can you imagine hm having the mental awareness that he’s supposed to sit with the Republicans?

Walker is a pathological liar, a serial philanderer and a shameless hypocrite, which means he would be like the majority of senators. But he’s also has the intelligence of a kindergartener, which makes him unqualified to serve in the Senate.

Evangelicals Support Herschel Walker Despite the Fact He Paid for His Lovers to Have Abortions

Herschel Walker

Most white evangelicals are vehemently opposed to abortion, and their rhetoric isn’t nuanced or restrained, they flat-out call abortion murder. They firmly believe that anyone who is pro-choice is morally unqualified to be a minister, physician or a politician.

For decades they have demonized pro-choice politicians as Marxist and Satanic baby killers who are undermining Christianity and democracy.

The Republican nominee for senator for Georgia, Herschel Walker, is a self-proclaimed evangelical who is strongly opposed to abortion with absolutely no exceptions.

Two women have credibly claimed that Walker paid for them to have an abortion. Walker’s had out-of-wedlock children with several women, children he hadn’t publicly accounted for or privately supported.

Evangelicals should have turned away from Walker with disgust, after all by their reckoning he’s a serial baby killer, a serial philanderer and a deadbeat dad.

Instead, evangelicals have rushed to his defense, proving that owning the libs and advancing their racist MAGA agenda is more important to them than their principles and fidelity to the Bible.

I will celebrate when Walker is defeated in the runoff election, proving that God hates these religious assholes as much as most Americans.

Herschel Walker: ‘I Would Pit My Resume Against Barack Obama’s’

“Herschel Walker said on ‘Fox & Friends’ Wednesday he’d pit his résumé against former President Barack Obama’s ‘any time of the day.’”

Yahoo News

In a perfect world, and we all know this is far from a perfect world, Herschel Walker wouldn’t be taken seriously as a candidate for dog catcher in a small town.

Despite no experience in government, credible accusations of paying for two women to have abortions in contradiction to his vehement anti-abortion stance, history of violence against women, history of multiple personality disorder, having almost as many out-of-wedlock children as Nick Cannon, and lying almost as much as Donald Trump, Walker is in a tight race with the incumbent, Democratic Sen. Ralph Warnock.

In today’s highly polarized electorate, Republicans would vote for a wilted head of cabbage instead of the highly qualified Warnock. A case could be made that a wilted head of cabbage has more gravitas, intelligence, personality and good looks than Walker.

This Walker, this sorry excuse for a human being, this steaming pile of human shit dares to declare that he would pit his resume against Barack Obama.

Before Obama made history as the first black president of the United States, he already had an illustrious resume: he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law, won election as President of the Harvard Law reviews and was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School.

All I have to say to Walker is: Bitch, please!

Herschel Walker Pushes Fentanyl Candy Conspiracy Theory Ahead of Halloween

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker, the Georgia Republican Senate candidate, claimed fentanyl is being dressed up to imitate candy by the people of China and Mexico during a rally on Monday.

It’s not surprising to hear Walker uttering such nonsense, his stump speeches are replete with outrageous lies, wacky conspiracy theories and racist tropes.

This comment resonates with xenophobic Republican voters, who hate Hispanics, Asians and Blacks, although they do have an affinity for Uncle Toms like Walker.

The intellectually challenged Georgia politician warned parents that they should be very vigilant on Halloween in response.

Evangelicals think Halloween is the devil’s holiday, and they are predisposed to believe Walker’s fentanyl conspiracy theory. The only thing voters should be afraid of is that their innocent children might be traumatized if they run into anyone dressed like Walker for Halloween.

Comic Gives Herschel Walker a Long Roll of Condoms


“Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia, Herschel Walker, was pranked on stage Thursday after a rally in Macon by Jason Selvig of ‘The Good Liars,’ who tried to hand the former NFL star a roll of condoms.”


Selvig’s prank is a community service, nobody needs condoms more than evangelicals, and no evangelical needs condoms more than Herschel Walker.

Most evangelicals are anti-choice and anti-contraceptives, even though the “be fruitful and multiply” holy rollers indulge in as much fornication as the general population. Maybe evangelical men would be more conducive to wearing a rubber if they were infused with healing oil and sold in Christian book stores. They could come in three sizes: King David, Samson and Goliath.

Walker is vehemently anti-abortion and against fornication, but of course his professed religious beliefs don’t stop him from riding ho’s bareback whenever the Spirit moves him.

Walker has fathered multiple children that were not previously publicly acknowledged. His own son blasted him on social media for being such a hypocrite and admonished him to, “Wear a condom, damn.”

If anybody needs a condom, Good Lord it’s Walker. He suffers from multiple personality disorder, and for all we know each of his personalities could have fathered multiple children out of wedlock.

Selvig did the right thing by handing Walker a long roll of condoms.

Cynical & Pragmatic Evangelicals Embrace Herschel Walker in Response to Abortion Allegation

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is running for the senate in Georgia on a campaign emphasizing family values. He’s vehemently opposed to abortion, he calls the medical procedure “murder”, and believes abortion should be banned with no exceptions for rape or incest.

Now he is facing a credible accusation that he paid for an abortion by a former girlfriend and mother of one of his previously unacknowledged children.

In more innocent times the serial philanderer and pathological liar would have been expected by his evangelical supporters to confess his sin, claim that Jesus had forgiven him and continue unabated with his senatorial campaign.

But Walker is following the game plan of his Orange Messiah: deny the accusation, even though his baby mama has the receipts, and continue campaigning while denouncing all disturbing reports as “fake news.”

And evangelicals are vigorously defending the seriously morally flawed candidate, and praying not for him to repent, but for him to win the election.

Fuck the pragmatic evangelicals who don’t even make a pretense of caring about so-called family values. All they care about is owning the libs, winning by any means necessary, and furthering the agenda of their messiah, Donald Trump. Fuck Walker. Fuck Trump. Fuck evangelicals. Fuck their God.