White Evangelicals Are Toxic


White evangelicals’ obsession with Donald Trump has tarnished their reputation beyond salvation. Pre-Trump when evangelicals said grace before eating their meal in a table near us in a restaurant, we just looked at them askance and resumed eating our meals. Now when evangelicals congregate near us in any public setting, we are wont to make a sign of the cross and move far, far away. Simply put, they are toxic.

Evangelical morality is expressly repudiated by the general public, and they are seen as an existential threat to Christianity and democracy. Religious folks of all stripes and the non-religious give them a wide berth.

Evangelicals are cognizant that they are reviled and you’d think they would retreat to their own closed-off enclaves to wait for the rapture.

Instead, they are up on our grill preaching the Gospel of Trump and on a mission from Satan to turn our democracy into a White Christian Nationalist state.

I should copy the modus operandi of evangelicals and pass out tracts with a copy of this essay, and whenever an evangelical starts to spout some MAGA nonsense I can just give him one of my tracts.