Evangelical Pastor John MacArthur Covers up Cases of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault in His Congregation

John MacArthur is an 83-year-old non-denominational pastor and author known for his internationally syndicated evangelical teaching radio and television program “Grace to You.”

MacArthur doesn’t rely on interesting anecdotes or spell-binding oratory, he is an expository preacher and his sermons are liberally sprinkled with chapter and verse.

The elderly pastor wears a suit a tie, he hasn’t adopted the casual wear of most of his ministerial colleagues, and he doesn’t have an endorsement deal with clothing manufactures like some of his brethren.

He is a dour-looking evangelical godfather and evangelical leaders are afraid to distance themselves from him, even though credible accusations have been levied against him, including allegations of covering up sexual abuse and child molestation cases. Why evangelicals may be fearful of distancing themselves from John MacArthur – Baptist News Global

He reminds me of the moral degenerate and politically corrupt Donald Trump, Republican leaders are afraid to distance themselves from him because it means they would lose influence and power.

MacArthur gets away with covering up cases of sexual abuse and child molestation, because females are the victims of almost all of these crimes, and in evangelical circles they are considered second-class citizens.

If two men kiss in a movie or TV show evangelicals get their panties in a twist, but if women parishioners are sexually abused by clergy its swept under the rug.

MacArthur is reprehensible, and he’s representative of the entire evangelical movement, sick to the core.