Evangelicals Are an Existential Threat to Democracy

Evangelical Christians prioritize their “individual god-given rights” over love thy neighbor.

This self-centered sentiment was exposed during the pandemic, evangelicals took pride in refusing to obey mask and vaccine mandates that were put in place by medical experts for the good of society. They trust in Jesus to protect them from the coronavirus, and to hell with the faithless masses who don’t abide by the “Jesus is my vaccine” principle.

It’s easy for them to adopt this egocentric attitude when they consider everyone outside their tent godless sinners unworthy of the almighty’s protection.

Evangelicals are the largest and most pernicious cult in America, and their ultimate goal is to overthrow our democracy and establish a Christian nationalist theocracy.

The “we are God’s chosen people” narrative isn’t confined to COVID narratives. Under a Christian nationalist regime there wouldn’t be any legal protection for religious minorities, gays and lesbians and immigrants. Universal healthcare would be abolished, abortion clinics would be burned to the ground, and universities would be closed down. Evangelicals are an existential threat to our democracy and liberty, and we must fight these selfish bastards with the same energy that we fight Nazis and other racist organizations.

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