Republicans Consider Trump More of a ‘Person of Faith’ than Biden, Pence or Any Other Republican Candidate

“Former Vice President Mike Pence is a born-again, evangelical Christian who roots his political ideology in his faith and frequently quotes the Bible on the campaign trail. President Joe Biden is, by all accounts, a devout Catholic and attends mass virtually every week.

But according to a recent poll, more Republicans view former President Donald Trump as a ‘person of faith’ than they do Biden, Pence or any other 2024 GOP presidential hopeful.”

Spectrum News

Allow me to preface my essay be unequivocally stating that being a “person of faith” doesn’t make a candidate a better person. I don’t care if a candidate is nominally religious, devoutly religious or a nonbeliever, that is not a criteria that I use in deciding who’s the best person for the office.

The evangelical Republican base places a high premium on a candidate’s allegiance to Jesus Christ and the Bible. Mike Pence wears his faith on his sleeve, every sentence he utters include a noun, a verb and an allusion to Jesus. How an evangelical can believe that the serial sexual predator, pathological liar and sociopath Donald Trump, who’s never claimed to be an evangelical, is more of a person of faith than Pence is beyond my understanding.

Joe Biden may not be an evangelical, but he’s a devout Catholic who attends mass every week, and always carries rosary beads with him. Surely, it should be apparent to even the most dim-witted MAGA true believer that Biden is more religious than Trump.

Trump embraces white evangelicals without embracing evangelical Christianity strictly out of expediency, he realizes they are the most loyal part of his base, and will stand by him come hell or high water.

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders denies he’s an atheist, but he probably is one, he states that he “isn’t actively involved in organized religion.” The non-religious Sanders has more integrity in his pinkie finger than a sanctimonious politician like Mike Pence has in his whole body. I would vote for him over a devout Catholic like Biden, or an evangelical zealot like Mike Pence.

Evangelicals who make a mockery of their faith deserve an amoral buffoon like Donald Trump, may they rot in hell.

Mike Pence Trying to Win Republican Nomination by Positioning Himself as the Most Anti-Abortion Candidate

Former vice president Mike Pence is arguably the most hated Republican presidential candidate, and he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination.  

In a party where Donald Trump is worshipped as a political messiah, Pence is despised as the Judas who betrayed him by refusing to block the certification of the 2020 electoral votes, as the president was demanding.

The echoes of “Hang Mike Pence” still reverberate in evangelical churches and Republican political gatherings. If the MAGA faithful had their way, Pence would be crucified while they impaled him with the sharpened points of Trump Flag poles.

MAGA Republicans loathe Pence because he betrayed their Dear Leader, and mainstream Republicans detest him because he’s so creepy. He always has a sanctimonious expression on his face and he’s always ready to dispense a religious platitude. He’s like a Stepford politician, and I’m always waiting for his programming to glitch and for him to get stuck endlessly repeating: I must use the words Jesus, God and America in every sentence, I must use the words Jesus …

Pence is desperately hoping and praying that he will win over the GOP that is dominated by vehemently anti-abortion supporters by positioning himself as the most anti-abortion candidate out there. He is the only major candidate supporting a federal ban on abortion at six weeks.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Pence declared that he would ban abortions even when the pregnancy wasn’t viable. This reprehensible religious Neanderthal would force women to give birth to babies with no chance of surviving.

Pence is a malignancy that needs to be aborted, and thank God he will never be president.

Trump Doesn’t Need an Evangelical as His Running Mate

In 2016 Trump’s strategists thought the thrice-married serial sexual predator ruthless real estate magnate, who didn’t have a spiritual bone in his body, needed some credibility with evangelical voters. Therefore, they selected the straight as an arrow evangelical Mike Pence as his running mate.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Pence played his part perfectly, standing by Trump’s side, looking with reverence and awe at his boss, as profanities, vulgarities and malevolence emanated from his sphincter-shaped mouth.

Trump won with Pence as his running mate, but he would have won had he chosen Stormy Daniels. Evangelicals don’t give a shit about being good Christians, and they don’t expect the presidential candidate they vote for to be Christ-like as long as he shares their hatred of feminists, liberals, the LGBT community and racial minorities. Evangelicals didn’t care how many porn stars Trump had sex with or how many business partners he defrauded as long as he appointed conservative judges and attempted to turn our democracy into a white Christian nationalist theocracy.

There are a dozen Republican presidential candidates, including Pence, trying to catch up with the overwhelming favorite, Donald Trump. Pence is vehemently against abortion, LGBT rights, climate change, and women’s rights, you’d think he would be running neck-and-neck with Trump, but in most polls, he’s lagging far behind Trump and DeSantis. In fact, he’s yet to poll in the double digits in any poll.

Evangelicals prefer the faux Christian Trump over the genuine evangelical Pence; Trump’s racist and vengeful rhetoric resonates more with them than Pence’s civil Republican orthodoxy.

Trump will win the Republican nomination in a landslide, without an evangelical as his running mate. He’s learned that his evangelical base feeds of his anger and vitriol, and he will probably choose a firebrand crazy woman like Kari Lake as his vice president.

Trump Pressures Pence to Save Him January 6

Ostensibly President Trump was campaigning Monday night on behalf of the two Georgia incumbent Republican senators whose defeat in runoff elections on Tuesday could cost the party its majority in the U.S. Senate.

In reality the Dalton rally was a typical MAGA shitshow where the Trump cultists basked in the presence of their false messiah. Trump vented about his humiliating loss for over an hour, and Sen. Kelly Loeffler made a cameo appearance and Sen. David Perdue stayed home because he’s in COVID quarantine.

Trump didn’t put Loeffler and Perdue in the spotlight, he only cares about himself and he wouldn’t lose any sleep if Republicans lose control of the Senate.

Trump’s attention was on his obsequious vice president, Mike Pence and his role on January 6 when Congress is set to certify the Electoral College confirming Joe Biden’s victory.  Trump amped up the pressure on his subordinate, telling the crowd:

“I hope Mike Pence comes through for us. I have to tell you. I hope that our great vice president, our great vice president, comes through for us. He’s a great guy. Of course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much. No, Mike is a great guy.”

Congress will meet Jan. 6 and open sealed certificates from each state that contain a record of their electoral votes. Bipartisan representatives of both chambers will read the results out loud and do an official count. The president of the Senate, Vice President Mike Pence, will preside over the session and declare the winner.

Pence’s role is strictly ceremonial, he will simply announce the winner. The vice president isn’t tasked with determining if the state elections were properly administered, and he doesn’t have the power to override the decision of the public and declare Trump the winner. The American electorate has already decided in a landslide that Biden won, and the Electoral College has already certified Biden’s victory, and Pence’s role is to announce the obvious: Joe Biden is the 46th president of the United States.

What the hell does Trump expect Pence to do? To make a speech declaring that the electors are part of a deep state conspiracy to rob Trump of his victory? To exclaim that the electors are fired, and that God Almighty wants Trump to retain his throne?

I don’t think so. On Jan 6, 2021 more than 100 Republican members of the House of Representatives and 13 GOP senators will contest the results of the election. But it will all be sound and fury signifying nothing, and at the end of the day Joe Biden will be certified by Congress as the president of the United States.