Move Over Trump Baby Blimp, Here Comes the Farting Trump Robot

“Thousands of Brits took to the streets here Tuesday, where they marched alongside a 16-foot farting robot of Donald Trump and held aloft huge photos of John McCain in an attempt to trigger the president.”

Daily Beast

During Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, the inflatable caricature of Trump (universally known as Trump Baby) was flown in protest of his racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. Basically the blimp is a protest against everything foul that Trump represents.

The balloon which has achieved iconic status was first flown over Parliament Square, London on July 28, in protest of Trump’s first visit to England as president.

Trump Baby has a presence on all the major social media platforms, and he is so popular that he has made appearances at anti-Trump demonstrations in Paris, Buenos Aires and other major cities, and replicas of the beloved blimp have flown over hundreds of anti-Trump rallies all over the world.

Move over Trump Baby, a new Trump protest symbol made its inaugural appearance this week in London. The Trump farting robot sits atop his golden throne (a golden toilet) with a smartphone in his tiny hand. It emits farting noises and the mantra “no collusion.”

I favor the realism school of art, therefore I would have filled the toilet bowl with real excrement, and given Trump’s penchant for golden showers I would have poured urine all over the work of art. But at least the creator, Don Lessem, kept things real my making his penis only three millimeters.

I’ve grown in love with Trump Baby, and I don’t think the Farting Trump Robot will become quite as popular, but kudos to the Brits for being so inventive and creative.

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