Donald Trump Shocks the World With New Hairstyle

On Sunday Donald Trump attended a service for victims of the mass shooting in Virginia Beach sporting a new hairdo.

This is earth shattering news, first of all the evangelicals’ darling attends church only on Easter and Christmas, and secondly he never changes his hairstyle.

Trump’s urine-colored weird hairstyle is his trademark, and he’s never been known to deviate from his peculiar look.

Trump arrived at the church straight from his real place of worship, the golf course, wearing a baseball cap, and some argue that Trump wasn’t trying out a new look, and that he was simply suffering from a case of “hat hair.”

By the time Trump landed in London on Monday he had returned to his signature look that we hate so much.

With his slicked back hair Trump looked normal, we’re talking used car salesman normal, televangelist normal, or creepy old dude trying to look normal,  but somewhat normal nevertheless.

I guess it really doesn’t matter what hairstyle he dons, his mouth still looks like a sphincter, his complexion is still orange, and he still has two or three chins, depending on how many burgers he eats on a given day.

Pic of Trump’s new hairdo:

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