Don’t Ring My Doorbell!

“Have millennials killed the doorbell? People admit they’re ‘too scared’ to answer the ‘aggressive’ ring – and don’t open the door to visitors unless they TEXT.”

Daily Mail

I have watched too many flicks where a knock on the door or a doorbell ring is a prelude to mayhem and murder, and I regard a knock on my door or a doorbell ring as an assault on my safety, privacy and security.

Not that I get many unwanted visitors, the “no soliciting sign”, the four “beware of dog” signs and the alarm company decals tends to discourage Jehovah’s Witnesses, salespersons and brats selling candy to raise money for school activities.

When contractors, friends and family members visit me, they send me a text when they arrive at my home, or they honk the horn (I know really ghetto but not as intrusive and invasive as a doorbell.)

In fact, if it weren’t for doorbell camera systems doorbells would have become extinct by now.

The last time someone knocked on my door, the sun had already set, and without looking to see who it was, I shouted “What the hell do you want?” I didn’t hear a reply and there was no second knock. If you come to my little pink house, think twice before knocking!

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