MAGA’s Last Hope: Trump Will Invoke Insurrection Act to Steal Election

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in an electoral college and popular vote landslide, but almost two months after the election Trump still refuses to acknowledge reality and concede.

For weeks Trump and his legal team have engaged in a quixotic, hopeless and hapless legal battle to steal the election from Biden. They suffered multiple litigation loses culminating in the two Supreme Court decisions that summarily dismissed their meritless claims.

Concurrently Trump’s team waged an undemocratic campaign to convince Republican state officials in the battleground states to overturn the election. Unlike Republican congressional leaders these state officials demonstrated courage and integrity and refused to undermine our democracy by nullifying the results of a fair election.  

Trump’s most loyal sycophant and enabler, Attorney General William Barr, admitted there’s no evidence of massive voter fraud.

Now that Trump has failed to steal the election through the legal process and by intimidating state officials, his cult-like followers see violence as the only way to keep their false messiah in power.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, two prominent lawyers leading the efforts to steal the election are begging their boss to invoke the Insurrection Act, an act that allows the commander-in-chief to deploy troops to suppress domestic uprisings, not to overturn elections.

Others like Mike Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser are pleading with him to declare martial law to force Georgia and the other swing states that Biden won to hold do-over elections.

Social media platforms are saturated with calls for military action to upend the results of a free and fair election. The right-wing digital army is busy on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Parler, attempting to provoke the stable genius to resort to violence to keep this throne.

Believe it or not, the pleas to invoke the Insurrection Act or to declare martial law are even being heard in the pulpits of white evangelical churches. These white evangelicals who ostensibly are followers of the Prince of Peace believe in the Gospel of brute strength; the end justifies the means is their motto.

Unfortunately, all these legal shenanigans, intimidation of state officials and calls for the military to keep Trump in power won’t end until president-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president on January 20, 2021.

Hang tight my fellow Americans, our long national nightmare will soon be over.

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