Trump is the Biggest Loser in American History

Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, was a domineering billionaire devoid of empathy and love, and he instilled in his young protégé his zero-sum philosophy, a dystopian society teeming with millions of losers and only a handful of winners.

The result of this loveless upbringing was a sociopath with an insatiable appetite for publicity and self-aggrandizement. Trump measured his success by how much money was in his bank accounts, how many times he was mentioned in the New York tabloids, and how many celebrity-obsessed women he was able to convince to sleep with him.

Donald Trump styled himself as the ultimate winner, but in reality, even though his father gave him $400 million seed money, he bankrupted dozens of his companies, and currently owes almost half a billion dollars.

That’s hardly the resume of a winner, but he was able to convince New Yorkers and most of the world that he was a wildly successful real estate developer thanks to a compliant New York media and his braggadocios personality.

Trump shocked the world when he won the presidency in 2016, and the focus of the grifter-in-chief’s administration was burnishing his brand, pandering to his extremist base, and making a mockery of the emoluments clause.

He promised his base that they would be sick of winning, and he delivered by giving his evangelical sycophants what they treasure the most: pro-life federal judges and pro-life Supreme Court Justices.

Trump thought that his base would carry him to victory in November, and he was devastated when he lost in an electoral college and popular vote landslide to Joe Biden.

The narcissistic stable genius has spent his entire administration holding MAGA rallies, impromptu press conferences, numerous photo ops and frequent appearances on Fox News. Trump has been a ubiquitous presence in the national consciousness, but in the month and a half since his devastating loss on Election Day, he has sequestered himself in the White House.

Trump has become the epitome of what he despises the most, a loser. A petulant loser. A delusional loser. A sore loser. In a rational universe Trump would commit ritual suicide by disembowelment, needless to say we aren’t living in a sane world and he is spending his last days in office undermining democracy, ignoring the worst pandemic of the century and musing about declaring martial law to steal the election.

The Almighty may have a laissez faire attitude towards the state of our democracy, but fortunately the Constitution prevents tyrants like Trump from overturning the results of a free and fair election.

You’re a loser Trump, and your days are numbered.

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