Bette Midler Eviscerates Donald Trump With a Brutal Tweet

“Sometimes I think Whats-his-name is a kind of vampire and someone needs to drive a stake through his heart, so we can #breatheagain.  Of course, he’s driven a lot of steak through his own heart tho, so…fingers crossed!”

Bette Midler

Bette Midler regularly takes to Twitter to express her disdain and contempt for the racist-in-chief, excoriating and eviscerating him in a manner that would make even Jack the Ripper squeamish.

The Divine Miss M can’t even bear to utter his name, referring to the unspeakable evil as “What’s his name.” I can understand her reluctance to say his name, summoning a demon by uttering his name may open the portal to hell.

The short-fingered vulgarian is a psychic vampire, an evil entity who sucks the life force out of everyone in his orbit. Nobody leaves his administration with his reputation and dignity intact. The White House is littered with the dried-out husks of men and women who were once politicians with at least a modicum of integrity.

But most of the lifeless husks are in churches where white evangelicals who have been fed a diet of inflammatory sermons that defame and demonize gays, immigrants and people of color, rendered them predisposed to fall under the spell of a racist demagogue.

The billionaire buffoon is bloated with the toxic life force of racist white evangelicals and gutless Republican leaders, and someone needs to drive a stake through his shriveled heart.