Motel 6 Donald Trump Jr. Trending on Twitter: Watch Disturbing Video

“Motel 6” is trending on Twitter because people are dismayed and perplexed by a video of Donald Trump Jr. ranting incoherently about Hunter Biden conspiracy theories.

These crazy theories would be dismissed out-of-hand if they were espoused by an articulate college professor, but when they’re emanating from a seemingly high Trump Jr. slurring his words, they seem even more unbelievable and fantastic.

Junior is clad in a plaid shirt and wearing a baseball cap, and the video appears to be filmed in a Motel 6. Is Junior slumming for the kick of it, or is he snorting lines in a seedy motel where he won’t be recognized.  

Maybe Donnie decided to make a video after having a one-night-stand with a MAGA groupie. I wonder did the groupie bring a tiny dollop of Play-Doh to make a plaster cast of the president’s son tiny pecker?

Trump Jr. has bigger problems than Hunter Biden, he should be concerned that the Trump crime family may be soon living in jail cells that will make the Motel 6 room look like a luxury Trump hotel suite.

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