White Evangelicals Silent After Black D.C Churches Vandalized At Pro Trump Rallies

Tens of thousands of white evangelicals marched in D.C in support of President Donald Trump’s campaign to steal the election from Joe Biden. After the political cum religious rallies four downtown churches were vandalized, and evangelicals have failed to condemn the violence or express solidarity with the congregations of the vandalized houses of worship.

Two of the damaged churches were historically Black churches where vandals ripped down Black Lives Matter banners. These churches have a long history of speaking out against social injustice, a religious stance that’s anathema to the white evangelicals who fervently support their racist false messiah.

The Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church reported that vandals slashed a banner printed with colors supporting LGBTQ rights, and we all know evangelicals are loathe to show any empathy for gays and lesbians.

Evangelicals get their panties into a twist when white churches are vandalized, and they speak long sermons on behalf of fetuses, but it seems they have taken a vow of silence when it comes to condemning violence against gays and people of color, even when they happen to be fellow Christians.

It’s crystal clear that Gay lives don’t matter and Black lives don’t matter to white evangelicals. They don’t have a place at the table, a seat in the pews or a place in line at the voting polls as far as white evangelicals are concerned.

The moral silence is stupefying and an affront to the Almighty and to the Gospel they claim to believe.