Trump Screams at Kanye West When the Rapper Asked Him to be His Running Mate in 2024

At Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s palatial resort, he holds sway over his sycophants and hanger-on’s like the Pope at the Vatican.  Mar-a-Lago is the evangelical Mecca where anyone who seeks to be a power player in Republican politics makes a pilgrimage to kiss the Orange Messiah’s ring.

Imagine Trump’s incredulity and outrage when renowned anti-Semite Kanye West visited him at Mar-a-Lago to inform him that not only was he planning on running for president in 2024, but he wanted Trump to be his running mate. That’s like a house slave telling the master of the plantation that he’s planning on marrying his daughter.

Trump reacted with outrage, screaming at Kanye that he was going to lose and insulting his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye has an ego as huge as Trump’s, but he doesn’t know his role as an Uncle Tom. He’s supposed to praise Trump, don a MAGA hat and wear an Uncle Tom grin whenever he’s in his presence, but he’s never supposed to forget that he is an inferior by virtue of his black skin.

Trump is correct that Kanye will lose if he runs for president in 2024. The moron ran for president in 2020, appeared on the ballot in only 12 states and collected around 60,000 votes out of an estimated 160 million.  

I wouldn’t pay a dime to watch a Kanye West concert, but I would have paid thousands of dollars to witness the disgraced rapper ask Trump if he wanted to be his running mate.

Donald Trump Turns Down Kanye West’s Invitation to Join Him on Stage at ‘Donda’ Event

“The mercurial Kanye West brought out DaBaby and Marilyn Manson during a song at his listening party for Donda in his Chicago hometown, but according to reports, Ye also had another eyebrow-raising surprise guest in mind.

Reports are the controversial rapper-producer hoped to bring out former President Donald Trump during a set many already considered overcrowded.”

Yahoo News

The Kanye West listening party for his new album “Donda” in his Chicago hometown was a shitshow of biblical proportions. Sharing the stage with West was the notoriously homophobic rapper DaBaby and Marilyn Manson who has been credibly accused by several women of sexual assault. Even West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, was in attendance to enhance the decadence of the event.

Had the Christian rapper been able to persuade the twice-impeached disgraced former president Donald Trump to attend his circus, his listening party would have received the anti-Christ’s seal of approval.

West has been a loyal supporter of Trump, his coonery on his behalf included donning a MAGA hat and warmly embracing him. But with the short-fingered vulgarian loyalty is a one-way street, and since he was soundly defeated by Biden, he no longer needs West’s support.

Anyway, it’s unlikely that Trump would attend any event in city with a large African American population.

I wouldn’t attend West’s listening party if he raised Donda from the dead and she tap danced in honor of Trump. Vanilla Ice has more street cred and legitimacy as a rapper than Kanye West, and I’m going to have my own listening party: “Ice, Ice Baby” on a loop.

Kanye West Graciously Concedes Defeat

Kanye West’s enormous ego motivated him to launch a quixotic and improbable presidential run. Unfortunately, the results matched his political naivety and inexperience and not his bi-polar vanity.

Out of about 150 million votes cast he managed to persuade only 60,000 super fans and pranksters to vote for him. Kanye didn’t exceed more than 0.4 of any state’s vote; he wasn’t even a footnote or asterisk in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Ye graciously conceded defeat, and I expect he will now focus his coonery on propping up the most racist president in American history, Donald Trump.

You’d expect these humiliating results to make Kanye give up his presidential ambitions forever, but instead he’s already teasing a 2024 presidential bid. Kanye tweeted: Kanye 2024.

Bye Felicia! Bye Kanye!

Ment Nelson’s Painting Perfectly Captures Kanye West’s Uncle Tom Spirit

Uncle Tom

“Ment Nelson watched the scene unfold in a YouTube clip on his phone – a rapper professing his love for the president in the Oval Office – and wanted to document the moment from the October meeting forever.

In his bedroom, Nelson began to draw and then paint and soon the Beaufort native and artist had produced a watercolor showing a grinning Kanye West with a red cap bearing the “Make America Great Again” slogan of Donald Trump`s presidential campaign. Opposite West, lipstick is seen on the cheek of a frowning Trump.”

The Island Packet

Jim Carrey isn`t the only artist expressing his loathing of Trump via his art, Ment Nelson has produced a watercolor depicting Kanye West with an Uncle Tom Grin and a frowning Donald Trump with a lipstick kiss on his orange cheek.

I`m not an artist and I can barely draw a human stick figure, but I recognize great art when I see it, and Nelson`s watercolor painting is a masterpiece.

How the mighty have fallen, Kanye West is a rapper, producer, fashion designer and entrepreneur, and he was a role model for blacks and all people of color.

Rappers are a symbol and expression of African American vitality; they are the rock stars of our generation, as they prowl the stage, rapping truth to power. Rappers ooze masculinity and confidence, as they demonstrate you don`t have to be subservient to the white power structure. For one of the kings of rap to turn into a Trump-kissing Uncle Tom house Negro is a shame and an affront to the black community.

West`s Uncle Tom grin perfectly captures his servile and submissive nature in the presence of white authority, and Trump`s frown perfectly captures his disgust at being embraced by a black man.

Trump doesn`t mind a black man shucking and jiving, but the hug crossed a red line. Trump doesn`t mind West`s support, he falsely believes it will improve his standing in the black community, but he`s still a Negro, and a Negro should never make the mistake of embracing his superior.

Kanye West is an affront to the black community in particular, and to humanity in general. Kudos to Nelson for reminding us that West is trash.

Link to pic of masterpeice:

Kanye West Felt Like Superman When He Put On a MAGA Hat But He Looked Like an Uncle Tom

“There was something about putting this hat on that made me feel like Superman.”

Kanye West

This was one of the dozen insane comments that the rapper made as part of an extended soliloquy during his infamous Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump.

I`m a Latino and if I donned a “Make America Great Again” hat I wouldn`t feel like a superhero, far from it. I would feel like a traitor to my community, considering Trump made dozens of disparaging remarks about Mexican migrants and Mexican-American citizens during his presidential campaign and during his tenure as president.

West is a traitor to his race, he might as well have put on a KKK pointed hat. Trump referred to African nations as “shithole countries,” and he has gone out of his way to mock and ridicule prominent African-Americans.

The phrase “Make America Great Again” implies that there was a time when our country was at the zenith of its greatness. I wonder does West think that glorious era was during slavery, or perhaps the Jim Crow period.

As an Hispanic I`m cognizant of the fact that my people have never enjoyed more opportunities than today, although we aren`t a perfect union and racism is still prevalent. I certainly don`t want to go back to the halcyon days for racists when people of color were treated like dogs.

Kanye, putting on the MAGA hat may have made you feel like Superman, but it made you look like an Uncle Tom house Negro.

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The Kanye West Donald Trump Show Was An Abomination

“The world is still talking about Kanye West`s bizarre lunch with President Donald Trump – including White House staffers. And many of them are feeling hugely embarrassed by the president`s Oval Office meeting with the rap star, New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN on Friday.

`If you look [at the president`s] face as Kanye West was doing, essentially, his filibuster standing in front of the Resolute Desk, [Trump] looks speechless and confused, right. [He`s] uncertain quite what to do with this,` Haberman said.”

Huffington Post

In 1972, two days after the Republicans nominated Richard Nixon, Sammy Davis Jr. embraced the presidential candidate while on stage at a Republican Youth Rally.

In the pre-Internet age the photo of Davis hugging Nixon went viral, and the entertainer instantly became anathema in the black community.

The Nixon/Davis embrace is nothing compared to Kanye West`s surreal Oval Office meeting with Trump.

The rap star, wearing a Make America Great Again hat, held forth for almost ten minutes, in a stream-of-consciousness rant that wouldn`t be out of place in a mental asylum, but was totally unbecoming in the Oval Office.

Trump should fire Jared Kushner and anybody else responsible for this fiasco, it was a humiliation for Trump and an embarrassment for America.

In his wide-ranging one-sided conversation Kanye said he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and was simply sleep-deprived. I`m not a psychiatrist and I don`t play one on TV, but my diagnosis is that Kanye is batshit crazy. I`ve gone without sleep for 24-hours on more than one occasion, but sleep deprivation never made me act like I was off my rocker.

At the end of Kanye`s profanity-laden pontification, all Trump could manage to say was “that was pretty impressive. That was quite something.” No shit! That was something that should never have been allowed to take place in the Oval Office.

Kanye ended his performance by warmly hugging Trump, probably the worst moment in the racist and germaphobe president`s life.

I hope all of America watched that grotesque display, and will express their displeasure and disgust November 6, 2018.

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Snoop Dogg Calls Kayne West an Uncle Tom

It`s de rigueur for rappers to have a nickname: Drake goes by Drizzy, Lil` Wayne answers to Weezy, Eminem is often called Em, and Kanye West is also known as Yeezy.

Kanye West, perhaps to commemorate his transformation from a black man speaking truth to power to an Uncle Tom, now wants to be called “Ye.”

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and Kanye by any other name would still stink to high heaven.

Snoop Dogg is not one to mince words, and the Doggfather flat-out called Kanye an Uncle Tom in wake of his Trump-loving coonery.

When a beloved rapper who is true to his craft bestows upon himself a moniker it sticks, Lil` Wayne will forever be called “Weezy” by his fans and Beyoncé will always be referred to as “Bey” by her devotees.

But a trick ass hoe who has betrayed his community has lost the right to christen himself with a nickname.

Kanye West get used to being called an Uncle Tom and worse.

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Rapper Calls on Crips to Assault Kanye West for Supporting Trump! Do You Agree?

“West Coast rapper Daz Dillinger has taken issue with Kanye West supporting President Donald Trump, going as far as to threaten him over the stance.

In two videos posted to social media, Dillinger first shared a theory on what he believes is happening. `It`s like, we all in one boat, and they killing all of us, and he jump over there and say, `Master. I`m on your side master. I got all the information. I`m with you master Trump.`

Dillinger than compared Kanye to Samuel L. Jackson`s character in Django Unchained and continued, `National alert. All the Crips out there, ya`ll fuc* Kanye up. You see that motherfuc*er, fuc* his ass up on GP.`”


Dillinger is best known as a former member of Tha Dogg Pound rap duo who were popular in the 1990`s.

When this dogg barks West would be wise to listen, the Crips don`t take kindly to Uncle Tom fools. And make no mistake about it Kanye is a mentally-unbalanced Uncle Tom fool.

It`s one thing for West to proclaim himself a God and declare that he`s one of the greatest entertainers of all time, such unhinged boasting is par for the course for a rap star.

It`s quite another for West to post a photo of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat with the caption “We got love.”

West also tweeted:

“You don`t have to agree with Trump, but the mob can`t make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don`t agree with everything anyone does. That`s what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.”

The President of the United States Donald Trump has declared war on Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, immigrants, gays and lesbians, and everybody else who isn`t white. It`s unforgivable for a black person to side with the enemy, it simply must not be tolerated.

This isn`t a case of “we shouldn`t let politics divide us, who cares if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent.” Trump is an unabashed fascist and a blatant racist, and nobody, let alone a minority, should befriend this monster.

West claims that Trump has dragon energy, reminds me of another lunatic, Charlie Sheen, who claimed that he had tiger blood.

I don`t care if West is trolling or if he`s off his meds, he needs to shut the hell up. I don`t think he should be assaulted for supporting Trump, but he should be locked up in a mental institution until he comes to his senses and stops being an Uncle Tom.

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Donald Trump Meets Kanye West, Hillary Clinton Meets Fat Joe


Kanye West has a monumental ego, but he made a pilgrimage to Trump Tower to kiss the ring of the biggest pimp in town, Donald J. Trump.

How the mighty have fallen, Hillary on the other hand was posing for a selfie with Fat Joe, a rapper who achieved modest success in the late 90`s.

If Fat Joe attempted to meet Donald Trump, he would be escorted out by Security before he got anywhere near the gold elevator that ascends to Trump`s palatial penthouse.

I doubt Beyonce or Jay Z are returning Hillary`s calls these days, but if she sashayed her fat butt to Trump Tower, the Donald would grab her by the pussy and show her a good time.

The Donald may have 99 problems, but worrying about being politically-correct ain`t one of them.

I hope Trump lets Hillary ride the Trump Tower elevator all the way to the roof, so she can jump off.