Video: Pastor Jack Hibbs Cries Like a Baby Over Joe Biden Victory

Unlike Franklin Graham, Paula White and Robert Jeffress, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California is not well known outside of the white evangelical realm.

So, allow me to tell you a little bit about this Trump sycophant: In May he argued that two months of abiding lockdown orders was enough and churches should go back to meeting in person without any social distancing or requiring congregants to wear masks. In August, he wore a combat helmet to illustrate his ridiculous assertion that evangelicals are under attack in a predominantly Christian nation. In other words, he is a typical evangelical Trump-worshiping useful idiot.

A video of Hibbs weeping during a church service over Joe Biden’s landslide victory has gone viral. He pleaded with the Almighty: “All Biden knows is his version of Catholicism; he doesn’t’ know You personally.” Biden who is a devout traditional Catholic knows enough about God to know that He doesn’t countenance worshipping a false idol like the godless and amoral short-fingered vulgarian.

Hibbs argued with the Supreme Being: “Kamala Harris had such a crazy exposure to spiritual things, but not the truth.” Harris hasn’t had any exposure to crazy spiritual things, to my knowledge she’s never been an evangelical.

Hibbs is so devastated that Trump lost the election that he’s basically telling God that He made a mistake by allowing Biden to win. He continued arguing with God:

“Please. God, you are pro-life and one man is and one man is not. Will you be pro-life for us? Jesus, Lord, one man is for Israel one is not. You are for Israel. Lord one man is for our military and our police and the other is not.

Lord, have you brought Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State only for that to end now? Have you brought, Lord, Amy Coney Barrett into the, onto the Court, and that’s it? We’re done?”

I’m not a theologian but common sense tells me that the deity doesn’t support the military-industrial complex, a Zionist regime led by a corrupt president who has been indicted on corruption charges, or pro-life zealots who worship fetuses but turn a blind eye to immigrant children separated from their parents at the border and houses in cages.

God has no interest in partisan politics, and the Republican Jesus doesn’t have a residence in heaven. The only important person who will take note of Hibbs ridiculous prayer is Donald Trump. The stable genius is probably thinking: If every American was as stupid as Hibbs I would have won in a landslide.