Trump’s Strategy of Attacking Everyone Guaranteed His Defeat

Donald Trump frequently describes himself as a counter-puncher, and there’s no denying that he is constantly under attack by political opponents, the media, pundits, late-night comics, intellectuals and just about every segment of society.

Trump deservedly has been called every name in the book: racist, buffoon, bully, narcissist, short-fingered vulgarian . . .

When you are a wannabe be dictator with a racist streak and an enormous ego and a thin skin you will elicit insults and condemnation from everyone.

But the pugilist-in-chief’s boxing strategy doesn’t consist only of counter-punching, sometimes he preemptively attacks political opponents who haven’t disparaged him simply because he enjoys lashing out indiscriminately at anyone in his sight.

Trump might be admired for his counter-punching skills if he didn’t punch down, and when you’re the Leader of the Free World, you are always punching down. The stable genius has such a thin skin that he will even attack an unverified Twitter subscriber with a hundred followers or less, if he somehow stumbles onto his critical tweet.

Trump even attacks his cult-like evangelical sycophants, but he has enough sense to make fun of them behind closed doors.

When the incumbent president is a bully who strikes out against everyone, he’s destined to be rejected by the electorate. There simply weren’t enough white evangelical useful idiots to overcome the millions of minorities, immigrants, gays and lesbians and suburban women who Trump has demeaned and denigrated the last four years.

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