Video: Kenneth Copeland’s Fit of Fake Laughter is White Evangelical Christianity In a Nutshell

During a worship service this weekend at the Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Neb., Pastor Kenneth Copeland referenced the election, declaring: “The media said what? The media said Joe Biden is the president?” before going off on an extended riff of mechanical and mirthless laughter.

Copeland’s fit of fake laughter should have alarmed and disturbed his evangelical congregation; the Holy Ghost should have inspired these holly rollers to enact an immediate intervention, and lay hands on their minister to drive the demon of satanic laughter out of him.

Instead the maskless congregation is seen egging Copeland on, hooping and hollering as they join their pastor in laughter. In fact, the audience gave Copeland a standing ovation for his disturbing exhibition of performance art.

This viral 41-second clip is white evangelicalism in a nutshell. These white evangelicals flaunt their disdain for science by refusing to wear masks and practice social distancing, and they deny reality by refusing to acknowledge that Biden has won a clear electoral college and popular vote victory.

If white evangelicals give their life savings to a 83-year-old demented televangelist, is it any wonder that they worship a 74-year-old demented racist politician?

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