Rudy Giuliani a Clown Lawyer for a Buffoon President

In a bizarre press briefing led by Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, the outgoing president’s legal team laid out its case for massive and systematic voter fraud in the general election. The 90-minute briefing was totally devoid of facts, logic, sound legal reasoning and testimony from credible witnesses.

Instead the briefing was overflowing with falsehoods, loony conspiracy theories and the usual Giuliani histrionics and physical comedy based on manipulating his fat head for humorous effect. Rudy was in full-effect: his bulging eyes popping out of their sockets, his mouth wide open displaying his perfect upper dentures and rotting lower teeth, his beefy face sweating like a pig. This time the Trump sycophant formerly known as America’s Mayor added the brilliant touch of sweating hair dye. Sweating hair dye is guaranteed to make you go viral on YouTube and elicit saturation coverage on the cable news networks. An attorney doesn’t need proof of widespread election fraud when he can sweat black hair dye.

The current laughingstock of the legal community and former top federal prosecutor, also cited the Joe Pesci legal comedy classic “My Cousin Vinny” during his hour-long rant. I give the legal clown credit for referencing one of my favorite comedic films, but the character played by Pesci could have done a much better job of representing Trump.

Giuliani has utterly failed to prove massive election fraud, but he has demonstrated yet again that old age has diminished his legal acumen, and now he’s just good for entertaining and distracting the electorate from Trump’s nefarious plans.

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