Donald Trump is a Traitor

Donald Trump has been called many things: authoritarian, senile, racist, narcissist, know-nothing, bigot, vindictive, homophobe, white supremacist, xenophobe, buffoon, misogynist, sexual predator and liar to name a few, but he has rarely been called a name that defines his character and his agenda, traitor.

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again”, but his real agenda was to make Trump great again. Trump used the presidency to try to regain the luster and notoriety that he enjoyed in the 80’s when he was (falsely) considered one of the most successful real estate magnates in the world. Trump monetized his administration to the detriment of democracy and the reputation of the United States.

A traitor is a citizen who values personal wealth, reputation, the interests of a foreign nation or an ideology that is antithetical to democracy more than his own country. Trump’s career as a real estate developer and as the president of the United States clearly shows that he cares about his own wealth, brand name and celebrity more than he does about the Republican party and America.

Trump is actively working against his own country, by refusing to concede an election that was an electorate college and popular vote landslide for Joe Biden. By making baseless and unsubstantiated charges of massive election fraud he is undermining the very foundation of our democracy. Trump has accomplished what the Soviet Union and Communist China tried for decades to accomplish, make Americans lose faith in the integrity of our voting system.

It’s not just QAnon conspiracy theorists who believe Trump won the election, according to a recent poll over 70% of Republicans think that Joe Biden won because of massive and systematic fraud. Trump has weakened the incoming Biden administration and done incalculable and lasting damage to our democracy.

History books will chronicle Trump’s incompetence, racism and buffoonery, but above all I think they will depict him as a traitor.

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