Evil Mail Carrier Pepper Sprays Playful Pooch!

“One Mid-South neighborhood is calling out the U.S. Postal Service for what it calls “inappropriate behavior.” Home surveillance video shows a delivery driver spraying a dog with pepper spray from inside a vehicle.”


A plumber knows that in the course of performing his job sometimes he`ll find himself in some shi**y situations, and a mail carrier should realize that canines are a hazard of the occupation he or she chose.

This mail carrier was so terrified of a harmless pooch approaching her vehicle that she wouldn`t get out to deliver the mail, but instead reached out from inside her vehicle and pepper sprayed the hapless mutt.

This carrier should be fired for going postal on a harmless pooch who was just curious about the woman who parked on his driveway.

Granted the homeowner shouldn`t let his dog run free on his front yard, but if she was afraid to deliver the mail she should have driven away without attacking the poor dog.

Pepper spraying the dog was gratuitous, cowardly and patently evil, she didn`t deliver mail to the house — what was the point of spraying the animal who wasn`t even barking?

Needless to say the homeowner was doggone mad when she saw the home surveillance video documenting the cruelty of the mail carrier.

I hope the mail carrier is suspended, and required to take an anger management course.

Link to frightful video:


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