Jimmy Fallon Raps Donald Trump’s Tweets

Jimmy gets help from Tarik Trotter and The Roots to transform Donald Trump`s Twitter rants from the week into a recap rap.

YouTube video description.

On September 15, 2016, a day that will live in infamy, Jimmy Fallon playfully messed up Donald Trump`s hair. Those few seconds of whimsy almost destroyed the late-night comic`s career, he was lambasted by his fellow entertainers and most civilized people in the world for attempting to humanize a monster.

If he could live that day again I`m sure Fallon would set Trump`s urine-colored hair on fire, instead of tousling the frightful wig.

But Jimmy learned his lesson, and he`s joined his late-night colleagues in pillorying the abominable monster. In this video Jimmy and the Roots turn Trump`s tweets into a rap song.
You may think Sinatra would be the be best music to use for the tweets of a septuagenarian like Trump, but Sinatra was a master of phrasing, and it would be impossible to set his incoherent rants to the music of the Chairman of the Board.

Rap is the perfect genre for Trump`s tweets, in fact he should turn his tweets into a rap album of diss tracks.

Yes, it sure looks like Jimmy has learned his lesson, but if he ever tries to humanize the freak again, I`ll set his hair on fire.

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