Don’t Seek Advice From Your Clergy, Trust in Google

“A large majority of Americans make important decisions without calling on religious leaders for advice, according to a new survey released Monday by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The poll finds three-quarters of American adults rarely or never consult a clergy member or religious leader, while only about a quarter do so at least some of the time.”


Americans have lost faith in institutions, we take any pronouncement from government, financial institutions, academia, organized labor, the media and even organized religion with a grain of salt.

The Gospel truth ain’t what it used to be, we vet everything the pastor says for truth and accuracy on Google. Indeed, Google is omniscient and omnipotent and more accessible than the Almighty.

Polls have shown a steep rise over decades in the share of Americans identifying as unaffiliated with a religion. But even people who attend church on a regular basis rarely consult their minister when they’re faced with life-changing decisions.

After all, there’s a good chance your parish priest is a pedophile and your evangelical minister supports Trump. Why on Earth would a sane person rely on the judgement of a priest who’s a sexual deviant or an evangelical reverend who lacks the discernment to realize that Trump is a corrupt and vulgar racist?

No man is an island, and we all need friends and family members that we can talk to when dealing with stressful situations, and we should avail ourselves of their wisdom and advice. There’s no need to seek advice from your spiritual mentor, unless he also happens to be your friend.

And of course you can also seek comfort and wisdom from the Almighty Himself, whether it’s the Jehovah deity of the Bible or the artificial intelligence enhanced Google.

Donald Trump Takes on Google, He Might As Well Take on God!

“President Donald Trump has renewed his claims of bias against conservatives on the internet, accusing Google of rigging its results to show `bad` stories when users search for “Trump news.”

`Google search results for Trump News shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake News Media`, the president said Tuesday on Twitter.

`In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD. Fake CNN is prominent. Republican/Conservative & Fair Media is shut out,` he added. `Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives.`”


It`s one thing for Donald Trump to take on the likes of Crazy Joe Biden, Low Energy Jeb and Crooked Hillary, and it`s quite another to take on Google.

Trump has vanquished all of his foes, but you don`t spit in the wind, you don`t pull the mask of that old Lone Ranger, and you don`t mess around with omniscient and omnipotent Google.

I`m grateful that the articles I write for TheSop.Org are picked up by Google News, even though they are lower in the search results than media giants like The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN.

A user search for “Donald Trump News” or “Donald Trump” yields stories that aren`t complimentary because Trump is the reverse King Midas, everything that he touches turns to crap.

The algorithms that Google uses to rank news stories are guarded more closely than the recipe for Coke or Kentucky Fried Chicken, but the tech giant doesn`t bias search results toward any political ideology.

Al Gore claims to have invented the Internet and Trump probably thinks Google algorithms were named after Al Gore, but Google`s algorithms are scientific not political.

If Trump wants more favorable Google search results, maybe he should stop being such a misogynist racist pig.

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Donald Trump Tops Google Image Search for ‘Idiot’

“If you Google image search idiot right now, you`ll find images of President Donald Trump. Online activists, in protest of Trump`s policies regarding unauthorized immigrants and members of the LGBTQ community, among others, are pushing his portraits to the top by manipulating the search engines ranking algorithm, as first reported by The Guardian earlier this week.”

The Verge

These online activists aren`t criminals or evil hackers, they are patriots performing a public service by manipulating algorithms to push photos of the stable genius to the top of Google Image searches for “idiot.”


It`s axiomatic that Trump the real estate developer is an idiot, although he`s never declared personal bankruptcy several Trump-controlled businesses have gone bankrupt, and over a dozen Trump business ventures have failed spectacularly, including Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump University and Trump Vodka.

Operating a casino is practically a license to print money, only a fuc*ing moron or somebody who cheats the mafia from their share fails in this lucrative business.


Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was so enraged by Trump`s insane foreign policy that he called him a “fucking moron” in a private meeting, and refused to deny he said it publicly, even though he knew it would seal his fate with the thin-skinned narcissist.

Chief of Staff John Kelly, former chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, and Steve Bannon are the most prominent administration officials who have called Trump a variant of “idiot.” Practically every politician, Republican and Democrat, has called Trump an idiot in private.


Trump doesn`t know the meaning of discretion, he has a penchant for bedding porn stars, Playboy models and other assorted skanks who don`t exactly have tendency for keeping things on the downlow. Then he tries to buy their silence by having them sign nondisclosure agreements for paltry sums. Of course the shit and the semen-encrusted thongs are going to hit the fan.



Google Chrome Extension ‘Nope’ Wards Off Coworkers with Fake Phone Call

“A new Google Chrome browser extension called `Nope` aims to help users escape from a common workplace annoyance — conversations with coworkers.

The Nope extension features a button at the top of the user`s browser that they can click when approached by a coworker serving up some annoying conversation.

`Press this button to send a call to your phone. Apologize sincerely as you pick it up. Then watch them walk away,` the extension`s description reads.”


I don`t consider myself a misanthrope, but every night I pray that CERN will unleash a baby black hole that will swallow the Earth.

I don`t like small talk, and I cringe with horror and dread whenever a coworker approaches my desk. I`ve considered putting up a “FUC* OFF” sign on my desk, but the namby pambies at Human Resources would probably object.

“Nope” is a lifesaver, now I can stop my coworkers dead in their tracks before they have a change to annoy me with the following things:

Pester me to buy Girl Scout cookies.

Bore me with the latest news about their cat.

Show me pics of newborn baby that looks like a red-faced demon.

Beg me to help with their project. (The only project I care about is finishing a Facebook quiz.)

Do I care about any of these things? NOPE! God bless this new Google Chrome browser extension.

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