Trump’s PAC Offers Christmas Wrapping Paper Bearing His Likeness for $35 Donation

“With just 54 days until Christmas, Donald Trump’s political action committee, Save America, is enticing supporters of the former president to donate more than $35 in exchange for ‘Official Trump Wrapping Paper.’

‘President Trump asked us to personally reach out to you because he wants to make sure you get our NEW Trump Gift Wrapping Paper in time for Christmas,’ an email sent to supporters Monday reads.”

Donald Trump isn’t the Grinch who stole Christmas, he’s the Grifter who exploits Christmas to squeeze every last red cent from his gullible supporters.

Perhaps Melania could do a commercial for Trump’s Christmas wrapping paper: Who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff and decorations? But I will accept expensive fucking Xmas gifts wrapped in Trump wrapping paper.

Trump’s sycophants have a penchant for wearing Trump-branded attire to signify their allegiance to their Orange Messiah, and I have no doubt that Save America will sell out their stockpile of “Official Trump Wrapping Paper.”

If I receive a gift wrapped in Trump wrapping paper, I would throw it away without unwrapping it because nobody who supports the short-fingered vulgarian has the good taste to buy a gift that I would find appealing.

On second thought I might keep the Trump wrapping paper and use it as toilet paper.