Moron Brett Favre Duped into Recording anti-Semitic Message

“Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre and other celebrities allegedly were duped in November by an online white supremacy group into recording videos that used coded alt-right language and have been posted on YouTube to promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Favre, actor Andy Dick and rapper Soulja Boy recorded messages at the request of the `GDL,` or `Goyim Defense League,` which employs the Yiddish word for non-Jews and mocks the Anti-Defamation League`s acronym, according to BuzzFeed News. The group used the app Cameo, which allows users to purchase a video of a celebrity reading a custom message.

YouTubers `Handsome Truth` and `Sway Guevara` paid $500 for the message, BuzzFeed reports.”

Washington Post

Like most former successful professional athletes Brett Favre is a spokesman for a few companies including Copper Fit and Dick`s Sporting Goods. Favre is well compensated for shilling for these companies, and he has several other revenue streams as well.

But the greedy bastard wants to squeeze every penny from his name, and so he records messages for the app Cameo, which allows users to purchase a video of c celebrity reading a custom message. I would gladly pay $500 to have Favre record the following message: I Brett Favre am a steaming pile of human excrement, and my hobby is sending women unsolicited dick pics.

Consider the two other celebs who were fooled into recording messages by the white supremacy group: Andy Dick who has a penchant for exposing his dick and grabbing men`s genitals, and Soulja Boy who is the biggest dick in the rap game.

How low can Favre sink, can we look forward to him selling autographed photographs of his penis?

What a dick!

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