Bill Maher Owns Donald Trump on Twitter

Donald Trump is on the job 24/7 monitoring broadcast TV, cable and social media, and whenever anyone dares criticize him, whether it’s the Mooch or Maher, he instantly counterpunches on Twitter.

On Friday night’s edition of his HBO show, Bill Maher cracked this joke relating to Trump’s trip to El Paso to visit the inured from the mass shooting that left 22 dead and dozens injured:

“None of the eight patients in the El Paso hospital would agree to meet with Trump, isn’t that something? They were all asked would you like to meet the president, they all said, I’ll Paso.”

Before you could say, “Trump is a racist” he tweeted that the Real Time host is a “Wacko comedian” who tells “so many lies.” “Got to see, by accident, wacko comedian Bill Hamer’s show – So many lies.”

How the hell do you watch a show “by accident?” Trump reminds me of a mother who confronts her 11-year-old son for watching porn online:

Mom: I reviewed your browsing history, and I noticed that you saw a video with the catchy title, “Big-Boobed Bisexual Bimbos Battle Lusty Lesbians from Lesbos.” I’ve explained that you’re too young to watch pornography, so what do you have to say in defense of yourself young man?

Tommy: Mom, I saw that video by accident! I swear! I was doing research online for my homework assignment on bilingual education when that video just popped up out of nowhere.

Trump was once again projecting, he’s the wacko comedian who tells so many lies. I believe in the multiverse interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and in every other universe Trump is a stand-up comic, carnival barker, televangelist or corrupt real estate developer, ours in the only universe in which he’s the Leader of the Free World.

God, please someone please unplug this simulation!

Lena Dunham: Donald Trump Made Me Lose Weight

“Lena Dunham has Donald Trump to thank for her recent weight loss.
`Donald Trump became president and I stopped being able to eat food,` Dunham, 30, told Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show Monday (via Entertainment Weekly).

The actress, who has long been criticized for her body image, continued, `Everyone`s been asking like, What have you been doing?` And I`m like, `Try soul-crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness and you, too, will lose weight.`”

Page Six

Lena Dunham, who is infamous for having a big mouth and a fat ass, has lost a few pounds over the incompetent and outright evil Trump administration. The blowhard billionaire has been in office for less than a month, by the end of his first term Dunham should look like a normal human being.

Dunham credits Trump for her weight loss, I credit Dunham for my weight loss. After seeing Dunham butt-naked a couple of times on Girls, I made a vow to never let myself go to the point where I look like a pig.

Dunham, who was a fervent support of Hillary Clinton, vowed last year to move to Canada if Trump was elected, and the lying witch is still here.

I hope Dunham makes another vow, this time to not eat again until Trump releases his taxes. Of course Trump will never release his taxes, and if the morbidly obese actress keeps her word , she will wither away to nothing, to the delight of Americans off all political persuasions.

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Lena Dunham’s Disgusting Toilet Selfie

“The 30 year-old took to Instagram to share this intimate moment with her 2.8 million followers.
In it, she is seen posing with her thighs slightly ajar and her hands between her legs in a suggestive gesture, as she (presumably) relieves herself and flushes away her sorrows about Donald Trump.”


Lena Dunham is the creator, writer, producer and lead actress of the HBO series “Girls”, no image makes it on air without her approval. On every episode Dunham offends our aesthetic sensibilities by exposing her blotchy fat ass. It’s one thing to appear butt-naked occasionally as an affirmation of body acceptance, it’s quite another to appear nude on every episode, that’s a sign of vanity and hatred of viewers.

Dunham has taken exhibitionism to a new level, her toilet selfie is disgusting; I wish I could flush the big ugly turd down the toilet.

Recently in a drunken video rant on Instagram Dunham referred to herself as a “human wastebasket” — indeed she is. Apparently only when Dunham is drunk does she see herself as she really is, the next time she gets plastered I hope she make an appointment with a shrink or a minister.

Dunham is an ugly girl desperate for attention, her serial flashing on “Girls” lost its shock value, so now we are treated to a toilet selfie. Will this moral slide end with a snuff film starring herself?

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