Donald Trump: From King Troll on Twitter to Mar-a-Lago Blogger

When Donald Trump was president, he was the King Troll of Twitter, he employed his tweets to quash dissent from his own party, and to ridicule his opponents from the opposition party.

Trump and his Twitter army of 88 million followers ran roughshod over civility, law and order and democracy.

After his attempted coup, Trump was banished from most mainstream social media platforms, included Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Four months after his banishment, Trump returned to the web last Tuesday with “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” essential a blog from the basement of Mar-a-Lago?

Before the ban, a single Trump tweet generated hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets and it dominated the news cycle.

How the mighty have fallen! Trump’s blog is limited, users can’t comment or engage with the posts, and his blog is equivalent in influence to some of the most successful WordPress blogs.

Blog away Trump! Only a few MAGA diehards are following your blog!

Double Rainbow Appears Over White House! Divine Sign the Almighty Will Smite Donald Trump!

“President Donald Trump left Washington to speak at a rally in West Virginia on Friday and a double rainbow was spotted over the White House.”

Yahoo News

When a rainbow appears in the skies, after a downpour, we marvel at the awesome sight, and are subconsciously reassured that there`s always hope after the storm.

After the most horrible downpour in human history the Biblical flood, Jehovah declared that the rainbow was a sign that he would never again destroy humanity with a flood. The fire next time …

The double rainbow that appeared over the White House after Donald Trump had left Washington to speak at a political rally in West Virginia is a divine sign that the downpour of lies and obscenities emanating from the White House will soon come to an end, hopefully before 2020.

If humanity survived the flood, we will also survive the Trump administration. But don`t sit on your ass waiting for the Almighty to smite the orange bastard. Do everything in your power to bring down Trump, as a humble blogger I promise to continue to write hundreds of essays exposing Trump until he`s impeached and removed from power.

Pic of the double rainbow:

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