World Mourns the Death of the Double Rainbow Guy

Paul L. Vasquez became a supernova when a video of him spotting a double rainbow went viral. Paul’s transcendent joy upon witnessing the double rainbow, manifested in sobs and laughs and complete wonderment, mesmerized and enthralled millions around the world.

Vasquez would go on to be known as “Double Rainbow Guy”, a moniker more impressive than Leader of the Free World or Pontiff. Regardless of their religious affiliation most souls would rather spend a minute with the Double Rainbow Guy than an hour with the Pope, Franklin Graham or any other religious leader.

Vasquez died over the weekend ten years after his landmark video was posted on YouTube. Only Jesus Christ enlightened more souls than the Double Rainbow Guy in such a short period of time.

The Double Rainbow Guy’s video can only be compared to the Sermon on the Mount for its sheer power to transform lives.

Surely there’s a pot of gold or at least a stash of weed at the end of the rainbow for this spiritual dude.

Double Rainbow Appears Over White House! Divine Sign the Almighty Will Smite Donald Trump!

“President Donald Trump left Washington to speak at a rally in West Virginia on Friday and a double rainbow was spotted over the White House.”

Yahoo News

When a rainbow appears in the skies, after a downpour, we marvel at the awesome sight, and are subconsciously reassured that there`s always hope after the storm.

After the most horrible downpour in human history the Biblical flood, Jehovah declared that the rainbow was a sign that he would never again destroy humanity with a flood. The fire next time …

The double rainbow that appeared over the White House after Donald Trump had left Washington to speak at a political rally in West Virginia is a divine sign that the downpour of lies and obscenities emanating from the White House will soon come to an end, hopefully before 2020.

If humanity survived the flood, we will also survive the Trump administration. But don`t sit on your ass waiting for the Almighty to smite the orange bastard. Do everything in your power to bring down Trump, as a humble blogger I promise to continue to write hundreds of essays exposing Trump until he`s impeached and removed from power.

Pic of the double rainbow:

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