Most White Evangelicals Wish America Was a Christian Centric Nation

“The researchers at the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) just released their 2021 American Values Survey. There’s a lot of information in the full report, but one chart in particular deserves a closer look.

The question basically asked people if they would rather live in a pluralistic nation… or a predominantly Christian one. And only 13% of white evangelicals longed for a pluralistic country. 57% of them wanted to live in a mostly Christian bubble.”

Hemant Mehta

Christian nationalism is the belief in the notion that America was founding on Biblical principles and that the federal government should take active steps to preserve its Christian character.  

Many white evangelicals are Christian nationalists and they want to transform the Republican Party into a Religious Party and convert our democracy into a theocracy.

The strength of America is our religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity, but the pluralistic nature of our democracy is anathema to evangelicals. They live in a mostly Christian bubble: they stream PureFlex instead of Netflix, get their news from Fox News and Newsmax instead of ABC News and CNN, and denounce science and facts and extol religious myths and fanciful conspiracy theories.

Their main dogma is the belief that Donald Trump is the Messiah the Almighty has anointed to establish a theocracy. One man’s utopia is another man’s dystopia, and I am determined to expose the racism, misogyny, homophobia and extremism of the American evangelical movement.

I will burst their Christian bubble and ensure that their vision of Cristian nationalism will never become a reality.