Marilyn Manson’s Appearance at Kanye West’s Sunday Service Has Evangelicals Hoping He Has Converted to Christianity

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson appeared on stage with rapper Kanye West, who now goes by the name Ye, and pop singer Justin Bieber at West’s Sunday Service.

Manson led a prayer circle with West and Bieber, and nodded as the Bieber proclaimed, “we cast out any demonic presence on this day in the name of Jesus.”

I doubt that Manson who has multiple credible sexual assault allegations against him, West who is a fervent supporter of the abominable Donald Trump and Bieber who had a monster hit with “Baby”, a ditty that no doubt is on an eternal loop in hell, have the power to cast out any demons.

Evangelicals are salivating over the prospect that Manson’s appearance at West’s Sunday Service means that he has converted to Christianity.

Evangelicals don’t realize how toxic they are, normal persons aren’t impressed with an Uncle Tom rapper, a bubble gum pop star and a shock rocker with a predilection for sexually assaulting young women.

Real Christians, and probably even atheists, are praying that the Almighty will cast out these demonic music stars from the pop charts.

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