Eric Trump: ‘No One Has Done More for Christianity than Donald Trump’

Donald Trump

“There’s no one who’s done more for Christianity than Donald Trump. No one.”

So declared former President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump at Freedom Fest in Morningview, Ky., Saturday, Sept. 10.

Donald Trump who attends church only on Easter and Christmas, and who has a penchant for holding the Bible upside down, and whose words and deeds are the antithesis of the teachings of Scripture, has indeed done a lot for Christianity.

The orange messiah has exposed the true nature of the evangelical church in America. It’s not a religious or spiritual movement, but a political and social endeavor.

White evangelicals don’t care about winning souls for Christ, they are too preoccupied with winning votes for Trump and his acolytes. They don’t care about turning this nation back to the moral teachings of the Bible, they’re concerned only with turning our fragile democracy into a White Christian Nationalist theocracy.

Trump has done a great service for true Christianity by exposing the xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia and just plain ugliness of evangelical Christianity.

Evangelicals are as greedy, petty, vicious, and racist as their new savior, Donald Trump. I concur with Eric Trump, no one has done more for Christianity than Donald Trump. Thank you, Trump, for showing us the wickedness of evangelical Christianity.