Trump is Now Openly Endorsing QAnon Conspiracy Theories


QAnon is a set of internet conspiracy theories, it’s main tenet is that the world is run by a cabal of leftist-leaning Satan-worshipping pedophiles. QAnon cultists believe that this cabal includes top Democrats like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and of course bogeyman George Soros who’s prominent in many right-wing conspiracy theories.

QAnon isn’t a fringe cult that can be safely dismissed, over a quarter of Republicans believe in its central views.

During his tenure Donald Trump frequently retweeted QAnon tweets, but insisted that he hadn’t heard much about the movement, “other that I understand they like me very much”.

Trump is a narcissist who wishes he ran the world, of course he is intimately familiar with a cult that considers him a messiah figure.

Trump is now openly embracing QAnon, on his Truth Social platform, he reposted an image of himself wearing a Q lapel pin overlaid with the words “The Storm is Coming.”

In the Gospel according to QAnon “The Storm” refers to the Orange Messiah’s final victory, when he will regain power and mete out judgment against his political enemies, the most prominent ones executed, live on television. Think of The Storm as the QAnon equivalent of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Trump is now overtly endorsing QAnon because he’s facing possible indictments on many fronts including obstructing the vote count in Congress, conspiring to defraud the US by overturning the election results, and stealing classified documents. And he needs the QAnon shock troops to distract and destroy his enemies.

If Trump runs in 2024 and he loses again, he will need his QAnon cultists to stage another coup attempt.

It’s not merely amusing or curious that Trump is endorsing QAnon beliefs, it’s deeply troubling and it should motivate us to do everything in our power to support the 2024 Democratic nominee, whether it’s Joe Biden or anyone else.  

One thought on “Trump is Now Openly Endorsing QAnon Conspiracy Theories

  1. Janice Knox says:

    Trump follows Putin, Orban, Hitler and the deflecting, setting up win-win elections, hiring of thugs, etc. come from Hitler’s playbook for an authoritarian government in the U.S. Republicans either can’t see it or are part of it. So infuriating!

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